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‘A Chance in the World’ by Steve Pemberton to be a Major Motion Picture

18 Oct 2016

APB speaker Steve Pemberton has uplifted many with his story of overcoming adversity against all odds and inspiring hope, determination and forgiveness. Following the success of his best-selling memoir, A Chance in the World, which documents his childhood filled with adversity in a foster care system and the priceless acts of kindness he received along the way, Pemberton recently announced the book’s film adaptation. The movie, produced by Tom Bastounes of Mighty Small Pictures and directed and adapted by Mark Vadik, stars Terrell Ransom Jr. in the role of 14-year-old Pemberton. As production starts this weekend in Chicago, Pemberton posted that they are looking to submit to the Sundance Film Festival in January.

As a visionary youth advocate and innovative corporate executive, Pemberton inspires audiences of all types. Acting as a voice for the forgotten, he motivates others to use positive mindsets to overcome setbacks and reach their goals. Making history as the pioneering Divisional Vice President and the first Chief Diversity Officer at Walgreens, Steve Pemberton is a widely respected trailblazer who embodies passion and perseverance in both his personal and professional lives.

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