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A Year of Improvement: Tips from APB Speakers

04 Jan 2017

Ideas for Improvement and Success

We care about not only pleasing the audience during a keynote speech, but making a genuine impact on others to change the world for the better. With a new year upon us, our APB speakers are sharing their thoughts on how to take action and improve well-being.

“Small wins are just as motivating as the big ones!” ~ Shane Snow

APB speaker Shane Snow pushes people to use lateral thinking not only at work, but in everyday life. His motto is “Change the game, don’t just play the game.” This creates a happier, healthier experience. Snow knows what it takes to feel inspired, and wants you to as well! It’s all about quality of life.

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“Inequality of wealth is really inequality of opportunity.” ~ Sherly WuDunn

APB speaker Sheryl WuDunn shares challenging stories about fighting inequality around the world, especially for women. She inspires women to create powerful, positive opportunities for other women within their own communities. Offering practical advice to audiences on how best each of us can give, WuDunn is committed to a year of improvement.

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