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APB Speaker Dan Rather’s Road Trip Across America Turns into a View on Local News & Culture

24 Jul 2017

APB Speaker Dan Rather

Known for his reporting both co-anchoring the CBS Evening News and posting on social media via Facebook Live, APB speaker Dan Rather took to some more personal reporting as he embarked on a four-day road trip with his grandson and education advocate, Martin Rather.

Through four days of social media updates and daily video blog posts on Facebook, he and Martin talked with locals throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. In their videos, Dan and Martin talk about the importance and power of local journalism, their take on the culture of America’s middle states, and the significance of family.

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As a journalist with 60 years of experience in reporting both local and national news, Dan Rather analyzes the differences seen across the country from what makes the front page of a local paper and what national political issues seem to resonate with certain demographics. One of our most sought-after speakers, Rather is a master storyteller who speaks as the voice of the people. In his keynotes, he explores issues ranging from politics and government to the state of media and leadership in a way that resonates with any audience.

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