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Jake Gyllenhaal Portrays APB Speaker Jeff Bauman’s Resiliency After the Boston Marathon Bombings

27 Jun 2017

Jake Gyllenhall & Jeff Bauman, 'Stronger'

The highly anticipated upcoming movie Stronger is not just about the Boston Marathon Bombing; it’s about “the effect of it and how it brings people together through tragedy,” said Jake Gyllenhaal about his upcoming role portraying APB speaker Jeff Bauman in an interview on The Today Show.

Facing his new life through rehab as a double amputee, Bauman shares an incredible story of overcoming adversity and learning to cope with the effects of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Jake Gyllenhaal will portray Bauman in the film adaptation of his book, Stronger, which will be released in September of this year.

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Today, viewed as a national hero, Bauman is a widely sought-after speaker who shares a compelling patient experience and journey toward rehabilitation.

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