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Dan Rather’s New Book Takes on Divisive Times to Celebrate "What Unites Us"

30 Nov 2017

Dan Rather Releases New Book

After six decades covering every major event and every living president since Eisenhower, venerated journalist and APB speaker Dan Rather writes, “I find myself thinking deeply about what it means to love America, as I surely do.” His new book of original essays, What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism takes on the toxic political atmosphere and polarized opinions of our times with a hopeful reminder of the core ideals that all Americans share. Praised as a “tonic for our times” by USA Today, the book examines the principles that the U.S. was founded upon, the freedoms that define us, the values that have transformed us and the traits that have sustained us. It also incorporates Rather’s decades of experience as a living witness to history, covering the biggest events and news stories of our times.

What Unites Us arrives on the heels of Rather’s emergence as a voice of integrity and reason on social media. Currently president and CEO of News and Guts, an independent multimedia production company, Rather remains an integral part of our national conversation through television appearances, innovative reports on Facebook Live, a much-followed Twitter feed and contributions to Mashable. At age 86, he has won the admiration of a new generation on Facebook, putting today’s issues into context while inspiring conversation and listening to counter political polarization.

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