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Viral Video: I, Robot's Will Smith takes Sophia the Humanoid on a Date

02 Apr 2018

Will Smith takes Sophia the Robot on a Date

In a recent viral video, APB's Sophia the humanoid is featured on a first date with actor and star of I, Robot, Will Smith.

Though sparks didn't fly between Smith and Sophia, the pair's communication and hilarious banter showcased Sophia's acclaimed superhuman intelligence and expressiveness, again proving that technology often does more than meets the eye. The video went viral after the Internet caught on to Sophia’s deadpan quips with the actor.

The toast of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Sophia has graced the cover of Elle magazine and spoken before the United Nations General Assembly. Wowing awestruck audiences with her advanced ability to understand the nuances of language, Sophia has discussed subjects ranging from “Will robots take over the world?” to how artificial intelligence could end hunger in developing nations.

Her demonstrations with her creator and APB speaker, Dr. David Hanson leave audiences fascinated as they get a glimpse into a fast-approaching future where friendly, caring humanoids help us solve our most challenging problems to create a better world.

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