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07 Aug 2019

 John F. Crowley on Treating Rare Diseases with Gene Therapy: “There is Hope”

Speaker John F. Crowley, subject of the film Extraordinary Measures and healthcare entrepreneur, discusses the breakthrough advancements made by his company, Amicus, to treat rare diseases with gene therapy. After his children, Megan and Patrick, were diagnosed with Pompe disease in 1998, Crowley and his wife became passionate about finding a cure for the rare disease.

In 2005, Crowley launched Amicus with the dream of building a leading biotechnology company focused on developing treatments and cures for rare diseases. In the past 14 years, Amicus has developed into an international powerhouse, helping to develop medicine for people with Pompe disease and beyond. Due to advanced science and clinical research, the first successful gene therapies have begun, and Crowley says “there is much more work to do, but with this data, there is hope.”

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An inspirational, engaging keynote speaker, John F. Crowley explores the future of biotech and the vital roles of new technologies through reflecting on his own journey toward finding a treatment for Pompe disease. Sharing his incredible story of leaving a secure job, risking financial stability and putting everything on the line to become a key player in the development of a life-saving enzyme replacement therapy, Crowley offers a compelling look into breakthrough drug research while imparting an important message of hope.

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