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APB Speaker Joan Kuhl Discusses Imposter Syndrome on “Know Your Value”

17 Dec 2019

APB Speaker Joan Kuhl Discusses Imposter Syndrome on “Know Your Value”

A world-renowned talent management consultant and advocate for women in the workplace, APB speaker Joan Kuhl channeled years of high-level consulting experience into her new book Dig Your Heels In: Navigate Corporate BS and Build the Company You Deserve. She recently appeared on Know Your Value on NBC to discuss the phenomenon of imposter syndrome in the workplace with host Mika Brzezinski.

Kuhl defines imposter syndrome as “when you feel like you aren’t worthy or don’t deserve to go after something despite having a track record of expertise,” and shares that a whopping 70% of people in the workforce suffer from it at some point in their careers. Drawing from years of problem-solving and empowering people in the workplace, Kuhl explains what can help, such as mentorship and relationship-building.   

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Kuhl knows that imposter syndrome is one of the psychological and structural barriers that tends to hold women back from reaching their true potential in the workplace, and that is what motivated her to write Dig Your Heels In. Her expertise on gender, generational and personal dynamics in the workplace is matched by her actionable strategies for success, making her one of the most sought-after speakers in business for audiences looking to maximize potential, build meaningful workplace relationships and shatter corporate America’s glass ceiling.   

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