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Rob Lowe Discusses Why Caregivers Need Self-Care Too

25 Feb 2019

Rob Lowe Discusses Why Caregivers Need Self-Care Too

Actor, producer, director and best-selling author Rob Lowe penned an article for USA Today in which he discusses the selfless work and stress of being a caregiver. Lowe and his brothers served as their mother’s caregivers, often feeling overwhelmed while figuring out their “new normal.”

In his article, Rob writes: “Forty million Americans work as an unpaid family caregiver. The mental, physical and emotional stress they face is overwhelming. It's time to help.” Because caregivers are so willing to help in any way they can, they often give up taking care of themselves. Many skip social obligations, wreck their diets, suffer sleep deprivation and even risk their careers, all to help a loved one through the most difficult time of their life, according to Rob.

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A prolific actor of stage and screen, Rob Lowe is also a dedicated cancer activist and the author of Stories I Only Tell My Friends. Sharing candid, moving stories about his caregiving journey, he connects with audiences and lets them know they are not alone in facing the overwhelming responsibilities and stresses that come with the caregiving experience.

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