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30 Jul 2019

"How I Cured My Rare Condition" - APB Speaker Doug Lindsay Featured on CNN

Bedridden at the age of 21 due to an undiagnosable illness, Doug Lindsay spent 11 years researching his condition before designing an operation that would eventually save his life. His incredible story of overcoming a debilitating health issue through his own perseverance and innovation was featured on CNN.  

It was the beginning of his senior year at college when Lindsay fell victim to the same illness that had forced his mother to be bedridden for over 15 years. He went from an ambitious and athletic student to a dropout spending 22 hours a day in bed. After seven years of research, he finally found the cause of his suffering: bilateral adrenal medullary hyperplasia, an extremely rare disease with only 32 recorded cases. Using this information, he created a 363-page report which proposed the surgery that he believed would cure his suffering. It took years to find a surgeon to perform the operation, but in September 2010, 11 years after falling ill, Lindsay had a successful operation to remove his adrenal medullas. Within months, he had the strength to walk a mile and after the second operation, was able to travel for the first time in his life.  

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Truly an inspiring, one-of-a-kind speaker, Doug Lindsay shares his incredible story with all audiences, giving keynotes on the power of hope, character and medical innovation. His motivation for changing people’s lives is simple: "I got help from people…and now I have to help people."  

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