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APB Speaker Blair Underwood Stars in Hit Netflix Series "When They See Us"

19 Jun 2019

APB Speaker Blair Underwood Stars in Hit Netflix Series "When They See Us"

An award-winning actor known for his work on L.A. LawRules of Engagement and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., APB speaker Blair Underwood stars in Netflix’s new hit series When They See Us, which has become the platform’s most watched show in the U.S. since its premiere. 

When They See Us is a dramatization of five African-American teenagers, known as the “Central Park Five,” and their wrongful arrest and conviction in New York City after the sexual assault of a Central Park jogger 20 years ago. It has quickly become the most viewed series on Netflix since its premiere on May 31, 2019. When They See Us highlights the injustices of the criminal justice system and its unfair treatment of young men of color. Speaker Blair Underwood plays Robert “Bobby” Burns, a lawyer who represented the five teenagers accused of the crime.  

Discussing how the United States has changed since the Central Park Jogger case, Underwood says, “I just don’t feel like we have made enough progress.” A driving force in making positive changes in the world, Underwood believes you have to first practice being a leader in your family and community in order to have that leadership flourish at work and in your personal life.

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