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APB Speaker Mike Veny: “For Men, Anger is Depression in Disguise”

14 Jun 2019

APB Speaker Mike Veny: “For Men, Anger is Depression in Disguise”

Mental health advocate and APB speaker Mike Veny created a video with OC87 Recovery Diaries where he shared his struggles with mental health and how it relates to his masculinity. His authenticity and vulnerability when sharing his journey sets him apart from other voices in the industry. 

In the video, Veny shares how his mental health challenges manifested themselves as anger explosions from a very young age. He then makes the connection that for most men, “anger is depression in disguise.” Veny also describes the power issues that arise when dealing with mental health issues and notes how he decided to take control by “making a commitment to therapy and to talk about it openly.”

Committed to improving the lives of people that face mental health challenges, Veny is a leading mental health speaker whose personal insights and valuable takeaways leave audiences feeling that they, too, have the power to take control of their mental health. Says Veny, “it’s a process, not a destination.”

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