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Former White House Deputy’s New Bestseller Shares Entertaining, Hard-Won Advice

14 Mar 2019

Alyssa Mastromonaco Releases New Book

Following up on her acclaimed New York Times bestseller Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?, Alyssa Mastromonaco shares stories and reflections that are a far cry from the typical career memoir. From the time that former Secretary of State John Kerry accidentally walked in on her dancing in her underwear to a dance-off with Jennifer Hudson (at President Obama’s urging) to conserving tampons on the road in Japan, Mastromonaco shines with her candid recollections and laugh-out-loud wit. 

So Here’s The Thing… focuses on topics that resonate with young women, ranging from politics and career to motherhood (or not) and making and sustaining relationships in the age of social media. Or, as Alyssa summarized in a recent Crooked Conversations podcast with Jon Favreau: “How you can literally be a hot-ass mess, still have great friends and, you know, still make it to the most important building in the world.

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