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“Mental Illness is an Asset” Says APB Speaker Mike Veny

24 May 2019

“Mental Illness is an Asset” Says APB Speaker Mike Veny

Sought-after mental health speaker Mike Veny asserts that mental illnesses are not liabilities—rather, when you “choose to see mental illness as an asset, you open up a great opportunity to find happiness, more success, and serve the people in your life more effectively.”

Veny’s life-long struggle with mental illness began as a child when he was hospitalized and attempted suicide at the age of 10. He experienced the stigma of mental illness firsthand and how stigma makes it harder for people to get treatment for their disorders. After a breakdown in 2011, Veny made the commitment to therapy and says that during his recovery he discovered “layers he never understood about himself.” Says Veny: “when you’re willing to discover the many layers you have, you can start to realize your potential.”  

A highly sought-after mental health speaker, corporate drumming event facilitator and author, Veny is recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in the healthcare industry.

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