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21 Oct 2019

APB Speaker Mary “Missy” Cummings to Appear In PBS Show on Autonomous Vehicles

Currently the director of Duke University’s Humans and Autonomy Laboratory, as well as their Robotics program, professor and APB speaker Mary “Missy” Cummings is appearing in the PBS show Nova to share her expertise on the hot topic of automated, driverless vehicles.   

Nova, the most-watched science series on American screens and a staple since 1974, is taking on the big questions of the safety, functioning and societal role of autonomous vehicles in an episode called Look Who’s Driving, set to air October 23rd. They called on Cummings to weigh in, who advocates for a careful path forward, cautioning against turning autonomous cars into a hyper-competitive “space race” for the 21st century.  

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A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and the University of Virginia, Cummings served as a naval officer and a military pilot for over a decade, as one of the first U.S. Navy female fighter pilots. Today, she is a world-renowned expert and speaker on artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, human-systems engineering, human-robot interaction and ethics in technology.

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