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APB’s James Hinchcliffe & IndyCar Support Those in Need During COVID-19

06 Apr 2020

APB’s James Hinchcliffe & IndyCar Support Those in Need During COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting the racecar world, but IndyCar has a plan. To entertain their fans, they launched a virtual racing series, and six-time Indy Car winner, APB speaker James Hinchcliffe, is on board. CBC says that these drivers wanted to bring a behind the scenes look to their fans with this virtual event.   

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In addition, Hinchcliffe is determined to give back during this pandemic. RTVG Indianapolis reports that James led the Red Cross blood drive in Indianapolis, and has a personal connection to the organization. In 2015, during a routine pre-Indy 500 practice, a mechanical failure sent James crashing into a wall at 220 MPH, forcing a suspension rod into his left thigh to puncture his femoral artery. Hinchcliffe lost 22 pints of blood, but with his determination, he defied all predictions for recovery.  

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A consummate competitor in the ultimate team sport, James Hinchcliffe shares an inspirational story of following dreams, leading high-performance teams, and surviving a near fatal accident that changed his perspective forever. A true fighter who will not back down during a crisis such as COVID-19, he wants to give back to the people who saved his life. Hinchcliffe said, "If you don't have money to give, you got blood to give."  

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