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APB’s Debra Lee Joins Procter & Gamble Board of Directors!

20 Aug 2020

APB’s Debra Lee Joins Procter & Gamble Board of Directors!

Former CEO and chair of BET Networks, APB speaker Debra Lee is one of the most powerful women in the media and entertainment industries. Now a member of the Proctor and Gamble board’s Compensation and Leadership Development Committee as well as the Governance and Public Responsibility Committee, Lee is the only Black member of the P&G board.  

With Lee joining the board, women now account for half of P&G's independent directors. “We are delighted to welcome Debra to the board,” CEO David Taylor said in a statement. “She has distinguished herself as a leader in the media industry for more than 30 years and brings broad, deep knowledge ranging from media strategy and programming to corporate risk oversight.” 

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Lee has always been an advocate for equality and inclusion. Her talks not only "point out the elephants in the room," but motivate action and change. Energizing, authoritative and disarmingly candid, Lee treats audiences to an unforgettable encounter with one of the most remarkable business leaders of our time. 

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