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APB’s Tamara Keith on Trump’s Recent COVID-19 Response

16 Jul 2020

APB’s Tamara Keith on Trump’s Recent COVID-19 Response

NPR White House Correspondent and APB speaker Tamara Keith co-hosts a daily discussion with NPR political reporters. This discussion features weekly roundups, quick takes on the news of the day, and lively conversation to keep you in the know and up to date. In her latest political report, Keith joins with Amy Walter and Judy Woodruff to discuss what the polls say, how effective Trump is on the issues of race and COVID-19 and why he is not talking more about the pandemic itself.

Tamara says: “…the strong part of the President's polling is on the economy…which is why he's pushed so hard to reopen, which is why he's having an event tomorrow about reopening schools and tweeted in all caps that schools must reopen. He wants to be able to tell a story about a great economic revival, a comeback. It's not clear that the virus has that in mind.”

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Speaking on topics ranging from the latest news out of the White House and Congress to the economic struggles of everyday Americans, Tamara Keith sparks conversation and frequently touches hearts. Her experiences provide an insightful look into the rise of President Trump and the highly unusual campaign that has become an unprecedented presidency. Drawing from knowledge gained during years as NPR’s Congressional correspondent, Keith makes sense out of what’s happening in Washington, clarifying issues and providing colorful commentary on the stories behind the headlines.

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