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Speaker Karine Jean-Pierre Joins Biden Campaign as Senior Advisor

02 Jun 2020

Speaker Karine Jean-Pierre Joins Biden Campaign as Senior Adviser

From grassroots activism to presidential campaigns to working in the White House, speaker Karine Jean-Pierre is now Joe Biden’s 2020 senior advisor. Jean-Pierre had previously served in the Obama White House as regional political director before working as deputy battleground states director on his 2012 re-election.

In her new role, she will advise on strategy, communications and engaging with key communities, including African Americans, women and progressives. Jean-Pierre's interests demonstrate her concern for integrity and the human condition. “I’ve known Joe Biden for 10 years now. I believe he’s a man of integrity, he’s a man who knows how to lead, he’s a man who knows how to use the levers of government to help people and he’s the man who could beat Donald Trump in November. For me, as a black woman, I just could not sit this out.”   

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Joe Biden’s rise this spring was fueled largely by black voters — particularly black women. “I am so proud and excited as a black woman watching how black women have exerted their power…we had to say loud and clear this (the actions of the Trump administration) is not okay.” She continues to express how accessible politics can be and the importance of getting involved, especially in today’s political climate.  

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