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APB’s Jeffrey Selingo Releases New Book: "Who Gets In and Why"

25 Sep 2020

APB’s Jeffrey Selingo Releases New Book: "Who Gets In and Why"

APB speaker Jeffrey Selingo, best-selling author and co-host of the podcast FUTURE U, reports on the future of work and its impact on lifelong learning, paying for college, the financial sustainability of traditional higher education, and what employers and the public increasingly want in a college degree. His latest book, Who Gets In and Why, takes readers on a journey from the inside of admissions offices, revealing what really matters in the selection process and how ultimately decisions are based a college’s agenda and its priorities rather than the quality of applicants. Now the question is how will this pandemic change college admissions?

This review by The New York Times mentions how Jeffrey’s “knowledge and insights also put him in an excellent position to speculate on matters beyond the book’s bounds: specifically, the little, big, temporary and permanent ways in which the coronavirus pandemic, which dawned after his research was done, will change the way colleges evaluate students and vice versa.” In the interview Jeffrey says, “college admissions is never going to be the same.” 

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Drawing on research from two years spent inside the admissions process—including sitting beside application readers at three selective schools—Jeff helps students, parents, and high school counselors in his talks better understand the shifting landscape and what it takes to get into a top college.  

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