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APB Speaker & Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Heather Abbott is a CNN Hero

27 Apr 2021

APB Speaker & Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Heather Abbott is a CNN Hero 

Heather Abbott’s life changed forever when she was struck by bomb shrapnel at the Boston Marathon and lost her left leg.  After receiving a prosthetic leg for walking, she was then told by her insurance that they would not cover anything additional. This became the catalyst for the Heather Abbott Foundation, which is dedicated to mission of giving fellow amputees the prosthetics insurance won’t cover.  Now recognized by CNN as the complete embodiment of a hero, Heather Abbott captivates audiences with her inspirational story of pain, anger, optimism and resilience.

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The Heather Abbott Foundation has raised over one million dollars and has helped provide prosthetics to amputees across the United States. When asked “What motivates you to do this work?,” Abbot said to CNN, “It is frustrating to see people who can't have what they need to live the life they want just because money is an obstacle. You would think when it has to do with somebody's ability to walk, that shouldn't be a question.”  

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