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APB Exclusive Justin Shaifer to be Featured in New ABC Series "Soul of a Nation"

05 Mar 2021

APB Exclusive Justin Shaifer to be Featured in New ABC Series "Soul of a Nation"

We are excited to share that APB's Justin J. Shaifer will be featured on ABC News' new series Soul of a Nation on Tuesday, March 9th! A rising star in STEM education and advocacy, Shaifer is a LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology and popular science communicator with a talent for understanding and inspiring GenZ. The series will focus on the black experience in America: “The way we have been talking about the show, internally, was sort of a news variety show,” Robe Imbriano, executive producer along with Eric Johnson, said during the network’s Winter Press Tour panel. “And we are covering real life. We are telling these stories. We are out in the field doing very cinematic, sort of short film documentary features.”

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Known as “Mr. Fascinate,” Shaifer has made it his life’s work to bring his passion for STEM disciplines to the next generation, especially kids who are typically underrepresented in elite science-based careers. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Fascinate, Inc., a nonprofit that partners with organizations such as Microsoft, Google and the MIT Media Lab to excite students about STEM careers. From his viral TEDx talk, "How to Speak 'Generation Z,'" to his body of curriculum development work, Shaifer is a leading figure in STEM education and diversity whose energy never fails to get audiences interested in hearing what he has to say.

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