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APB Speaker Dr. Rebecca Heiss’ Newest Book is Gen Z Approved

21 May 2021

APB Speaker Dr. Rebecca Heiss’ Newest Book is Gen Z Approved 

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed by stress, feel dissatisfied in your career and relationships, and feel like you lack purpose? APB speaker, biologist, and stress expert Dr. Rebecca Heiss says that the answer to fixing these problems exists in rewiring instincts. Titled  Instinct: Rewire Your Brain with Science-Backed Solutions to Increase Productivity and Achieve Success, Dr. Heiss' new book is ideal for Gen Z and their known pursuit of manifestation and changing the subconscious. In everyday life, people use outdated instincts because biology and evolution haven’t quite caught up to today’s world. Dr. Heiss offers simple, actionable techniques to redirect those instincts to work for us rather than against us.  

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