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Limbitless Solutions Continues to Provide Hope for Children with Limb Differences

21 Mar 2022

Limbitless Solutions Continues to Provide Hope for Children with Limb Differences

Limbitless Solutions, a company co-founded by APB speaker Dr. Albert Manero, was recently featured in an article in Today’s Medical Developments. The non-profit organization headquartered at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando specializes in creating and donating personalized, creative and expressive 3D-printed bionic arms for children. The article focused on the growth of the company, which was started by UCF students in 2014. Because of supply chain issues, Limbitless Solutions has purchased additional machinery to manufacture parts in-house—allowing it to do so much more. 

In addition to the bionic arms, Limbitless’ other projects include the Project Xavier hands-free wheelchair for those diagnosed with ALS, quadriplegia and spinal cord injuries, which can be driven and controlled by clenching one’s jaw and facial muscles, and accessibility training video games. All three center around empowering confidence in the lives of individuals through accessibility technology.  

Ever-evolving, the company has also expanded its mission to create bionic arms for adults, prioritizing veterans and first responders. Manero’s vision pairs innovation with compassion and design with scientific purpose, reminding all of us of what technology can achieve through singular vision and charitable spirit. 

And since the company is located on the UCF campus, Limbitless Solutions provides undergraduate students a chance to engage in the lab, expand their professional development and work together to create a more inclusive future. 

Since it started, Limbitless Solutions has provided 40 prosthetic arms with a goal of placing an additional 25 limbs this year. “We want to make an impact on a global level,” Manero says. “When you find that intersection of creativity, inclusion and empathy, it will resonate with others in whatever field you’re in.” 

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