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New APB Exclusive: Cyborg Anthropologist MJ Petroni

10 Oct 2022

New APB Exclusive: Cyborg Anthropologist MJ Petroni

We are excited to announce one of our newest exclusive speakers, MJ Petroni, a cyborg anthropologist who specializes in the complex relationships between humans and machines. Offering a compelling examination of not just how we shape technologies but also how they are reshaping us, MJ equips organizations with tools and strategies to increase their digital fluency in preparation for future technologies.

Speech Topics Include:

  • Digital Fluency - if you don't have fluency, you'll never be able to cause the "disruptive" movements people talk about.
  • Trending Technologies: From the Mouths of Nerds - tour the tech that's getting attention and learn about its future potential.
  • The Future of Work: Distributed, Not Disrupted - how will emerging technologies like machine coworkers and the metaverse shape how we work?

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