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Hospitals of the Future Will Be State of the Art in the Best Ways

31 Jan 2024

Hospitals of the Future Will Be State of the Art in the Best Ways

Do you think of a hospital as a place you always want to avoid? Then, it might be time to think again. Because in about a decade or so, hospitals will be transformed, health experts recently told Health Care Brew.

“There’s easily a way that we can cater the [hospital] experience in a much more proactive way than we are now, to the point where we have the ability for every journey of a patient to be unique and different and specialized to who they are—[no matter] what socioeconomic class they are, what age they are, all those kinds of things,” said Mike Pukszta, a co-director of CannonDesign’s global health practice. “In 10 to 15 years, that’s going to be state of the art. That’s going to be how everything is done.”

State of the art, indeed. From their physical footprints to staffing to the operating rooms to care to aftercare to technology advancements, everything will be different in the best way possible, the article says.

New Technology

According to Health Care Brew, operating suites of the future will increasingly rely on new technology. From 3D printers to robotic arms to even the ability to operate long distance will become commonplace--making the experience better for both the patient and surgeon. And get this, and we’re not making it up. According to Pukszta, a digital twin of a patient will become a reality, where “a surgeon or team actually do an operation on the digital twin before they do it on a real person.”

Technology is not only for physicians. According to the article, nurses will increasingly integrate it into their duties, including AI. The technology will work in tandem with the nurses, the article says.


With staffing shortages still a huge problem for the healthcare industry and forecasted to continue, executives are looking to design to help attract, retain and support employees in the future. Think sleep pods, free snacks, coffee bars, concierge services and collaboration areas for doctors and nurses, according to Health Care Brew.

With the rise in violence and mass shootings, hospitals are looking at new ways to protect their staff, patients and visitors. One solution is something others are already using—detection dogs. You may see in the future, canines that can detect weapons, deter violence and de-escalate dangerous incidents, Health Care Brew says.

Also on tap, are buildings with more windows or natural spaces, which studies have shown can decrease violence.

“We can actually be proactive and create an environment that doesn’t have characteristics that are going to increase aggressive behavior or those tendencies,” Pukszta told Healthcare Brew.

Whether design, technology or staffing, hospitals of the future will be much improved, enhancing the experience for everyone and saving lives.

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