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AC  Dumlao

AC Dumlao

Trans Non-Binary Filipinx Activist & Educator; Creator of "Call Me They"

AC Dumlao

Trans Non-Binary Filipinx Activist & Educator; Creator of "Call Me They"


AC Dumlao, is a transgender non-binary first-generation Filipinx-American activist and educator, and creator of the Facebook page “Call Me They.” AC was named an “emerging voice” by NBC Asian America for their inaugural Redefine A to Z series, has been featured in Mashable’s “30 Days of Pride: The LGBTQ figures making history right now,” and has been named as a NPR "Source of the Week."

With “Call Me They,” they began their work of educating on the issues of non-binary visibility, Asian and Filipino representation, “genderfull” fashion and aesthetics, and much more, all through an intersectional lens. Their professional expertise is in working with companies' HR and D&I departments and LGBTQ+ ERGs and BRGs to advise on trans and non-binary inclusive policies, such as best practices on sharing gender pronouns in the workplace. They have been seen presenting at national LGBTQ+ conferences including The LGBTQ+ Bar’s Lavender Law, the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Creating Change, and the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference.

Highlights of their media work include co-hosting an advance screening/live talkback with Lisa Ling for the CNN Original Series’ episode This is Life with Lisa Ling: Gender Fluidity and appearing on ABC News Live. AC’s activist work and words have been featured in publications including The Huffington Post, VICE Media, Allure Magazine, Business Insider, Autostraddle, Mic.com, and The Advocate and they have received honors from Parity and the New York State Comptroller. AC is the Chief of Staff at Athlete Ally, a non-profit organization that works to dismantle the systems of oppression in sport that isolate, exclude and endanger LGBTQI+ people.

Additionally, AC is passionate about providing representation to queer and trans young people of color and has given keynotes at high schools and colleges across the country. An alum of Vassar College, AC serves as co-chair of Vassar’s LGBTQ+ alums group and Board Director for Vassar’s Alumnae/i Association. AC lives and works with gratitude on the traditional and unceded homelands of the Lenape Canarsie people with their wife, Caitlin.

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