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Al  Pacino

Al Pacino

Award-Winning Actor

Al Pacino

Award-Winning Actor


Known for his legendary turn as “Michael Corleone” in Francis Ford Coppola’s classic The Godfather, Al Pacino is a household name whose performances have captured audiences around the globe. Through his uncanny ability to inhabit characters on either side of the law—from gangsters to law-abiding citizens—Pacino reveals absolute devotion to the craft of acting.

A native of the Bronx, Pacino began his acting career on stage with award-winning performances in “The Indian Wants the Bronx” and “Does the Tiger Wear a Necktie?” His fame took off with The Godfather, Serpico, and Scarface, all of which earned him multiple Academy Award nominations. His knockout performance in 1992’s The Scent of a Woman scored him an Academy Award for Best Actor. He has also appeared in such celebrated films as Carlito’s Way, Donnie Brasco, Dick Tracy, and Glengarry Glen Ross.

In his thrilling presentations, Pacino—one of cinema’s true legends—offers audiences a glimpse into his storied career, sharing his insights into the art of acting and some of his favorite anecdotes. He expertly blends video clips, character readings, and personal commentary in a multimedia program that will leave audiences wowed and inspired.

Pacino was accepted into the prestigious Actors Studio in 1966 and studied under legendary acting coach Lee Strasberg, who was known for advocating “method acting,” an approach that was becoming increasingly popular at the time. He made his directorial debut with the documentary Looking for Richard, for which he won a Directors Guild Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Documentary.

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An Evening with Al Pacino

Recognized as one of the world's most prolific actors, Al Pacino offers audiences an inside look into his storied career, fascinating roles and the art of acting in this enthralling keynote speech.


The program begins with video clips and personal commentary by Pacino on what it was like to play some of the most iconic roles in cinema and is followed by an intimate Q&A session. Purposefully designed as an informal conversation, Pacino provides attendees with the opportunity to ask questions in an open forum. 


The program concludes with every fan’s dream: live reenactments by Pacino of his most memorable roles, including scenes from The Godfather, Scarface, Scent of a Woman and others.