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Amanda  Nachman

Amanda Nachman

CEO and Publisher, College Magazine & Best-Selling Author of #QUALIFIED


As the CEO and publisher of College Magazine, the trusted guide to navigating college, reaching millions of readers, Amanda Nachman empowers young professionals to achieve a career they love. She's the author of the bestselling book #Qualified: You Are More Impressive Than You Realize, featured on Good Morning America. Amanda is also a TEDx speaker and host of the podcast, Find Your Passion Career, found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Read More >

As a senior in college, Amanda had the idea to create College Magazine, a guide to help students navigate their college experience. She flyered around her campus, and caught the attention of ambitious student journalists who showed up to write for it. Then printed a mock up version and sold ads to local businesses, raising enough capital to print the first 5,000 copies at the University of Maryland, her alma mater. She even hand-distributed thousands of magazines until the point where she was able to scale and expand to 14 campuses on the East Coast with a 40,000 circulation. Today CollegeMagazine.com is online helping millions of college students and training future journalists nationwide.

The most rewarding aspect of creating the magazine has been mentoring her student contributors, especially on their career journey. Amanda has developed a career strategy over her thirteen years coaching students. It’s the same strategy that helped her to quit her boring day job and launch her dream magazine. Her student graduates have gone on to incredible careers at NBC, USA Today, Vox, Washingtonian, Us Weekly, National Geographic, and more.

When she heard how overwhelmed her students felt about graduating and facing the "real world," Amanda felt inspired to write her book #Qualified. She enjoys sharing the #Qualified message through her keynote talks and workshops for students and young professionals, helping them create a career they love. Read Less ^

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TEDx: You Are More Qualified Than You Realize

Top Tips to Get Hired | GMA

You Are More #Qualified Than You Realize

Find Your Passion Career

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You Are More #Qualified Than You Realize

Join Amanda Nachman, author of #Qualified and CEO of College Magazine, for a virtual career event. Even in the midst of a pandemic you can take action today to pursue your dream career. Learn how to adopt a qualified mindset and see all the ways in which your talents, passions, ideas and skills are transferable. You'll discover how to interview virtually, make courageous connections, and level up your story to grow your personal brand. Leave this event with the tangible steps you need to take control of your career journey.

A DM a Day Keeps the Imposter Syndrome Away

Think back to the last big decision you had to make. Did you decide all on your own? Like the time you switched majors or interviewed for a leadership role. Should you take a gap year or head to grad school? Imagine being able to easily turn to the mentors who know you best and the experts in your field. Life isn't a solo journey. There are people in your dream roles who are eager to cheer you on and help you navigate complex decisions. Discover how to find mentors, make courageous connections, and say goodbye to your imposter syndrome.

Find Your Passion Career

You were meant to do something meaningful. And there’s a ripple effect. When you love what you do, you are happier, you produce higher quality work, and you make a greater impact in the world. Amanda has worked with hundreds of students and graduates and all of them have felt stuck on their career journey. They doubted their strengths, felt discouraged by rejections, and often settled for jobs they didn’t like. And it wasn’t just these graduates—she’s heard the same questions from professionals in their 30’s and 40’s. How do I pursue my passion? We all want to do what we love. Amanda breaks down step-by-step how to unlock, seek, and achieve your passion career.

Glow Up Your Personal Brand

You're a person, not a brand, right? But to stand out in a competitive job market, you must communicate your value. Discover how your personal brand will leave an impression and help you demonstrate your passion. Amanda breaks down how to glow up your personal brand through four different platforms: Linkedin, Instagram, a personal website, and podcast (did you know that 14 million new people have become podcast listeners in the last year?!). First you'll identify your strengths and level up your story in this interactive workshop. Then you'll declare your first action step in building your personal brand so that you can take full control of your career journey.