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Meredith  Fineman

Meredith Fineman

CEO and Founder of FinePoint, Author of Brag Better™ & Host of "It Never Gets Old" Podcast


Meredith Fineman is an entrepreneur, author, and host. She is the author of Brag Better™: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion, which was released by Penguin Randomhouse in June of 2020, and has been featured in The New York Times, The LA Times, Fast Company and more. She is the founder and CEO of FinePoint, a leadership and professional development company that elevates individuals—CEOs, Founders, and women in positions of power—through visibility and voice. Fineman founded FinePoint in 2012 as a public relations consultancy, and it morphed into one of the only small shops to go from more digital to more traditional. After running PR campaigns in technology, consumer/lifestyle, and business, Fineman became the go-to for individual representation. As she started to represent people, Fineman realized that public relations skill set was essential for leadership to apply to themselves, as well as created a more comprehensive approach to visible leadership through executive coaching and media relations. Read More >

Fineman has been working on the concept since 2013, when she discovered with her individual clients a deep inability to talk about oneself and work, particularly among women. After watching the trajectory about embarrassment or difficulty in self-promotion and “bragging”, specifically, from interns to CEOs, Fineman set out to work on a set of skills that would help everyone learn to Brag Better™. She identifies her audience as The Qualified Quiet™, those that have done the work but don’t know how to talk about it. The Qualified Quiet™ is not confined by gender.

Fineman is a freelance writer of 15 years and book collaborator, with bylines from Harvard Business Review to Forbes, Fast Company, and more. She has written columns for Inc, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. She has also written for lifestyle and humor sites like Man Repeller, Elle, Marie Claire, and Shondaland. She is the collaborator of the Simon & Schuster Book, Microtrends Squared.

Fineman regularly speaks and trains on the power of self-promotion to companies, brands, conferences, universities, and groups. Her core speeches are around Bragging Better, self-promotion and PR skills for each person’s career trajectory, as well as sustainable Fashion.

She created and hosts “It Never Gets Old,” a podcast on second-hand and sustainable fashion. She consults with VCs and other leaders in the multi-billion-dollar resale world. Her podcast charts regularly on iTunes podcasts.

Fineman is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and is a “lifer” of Sidwell Friends School. She resides in Washington DC with her dog Bean. Read Less ^

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The Meaning Behind Brag Better

Brag Better™: What the Qualified Quiet™ Needs to Know

Brag Better | Politics and Prose

The Fear of Bragging

The Qualified Quiet and the Lackluster Loud

Speech Topics

Bragging Better in a New World

The pandemic has been (and continues to be) an incredibly trying time. But that doesn't mean your work stops - and the work you, your employees, and your managers have to do to showcase their accomplishments and foster an environment of healthy pride. From understanding how to promote yourself online, to the transition back to work, Fineman will take you through what the future of communicating your wins looks like. Whether it's the new mixture of Bragging Better online and in-person, to doing work fully remote, to interacting with colleagues who you might not have met before - Fineman will provide thoughtful, actionable tactics for you and your company.

Bragging Better from Home & Online

Because of coronavirus, the business world was turned on its head overnight. We are now behind screens and have to promote our work in new ways that work without being able to drop by your boss's office. Using tactics from her new book Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self Promotion (Penguin Randomhouse) as well as an extra chapter she wrote in quarantine, Meredith Fineman will teach you how to adapt during these treacherous times. Whether it's how you're speaking or writing about your work, feeling confident to share on social media, or crafting a strong narrative that can exist in a precarious work environment, you will learn how to talk positively about professional accomplishment in unprecedented times.

Brag Better™: What the Qualified Quiet™ Needs to Know

Fineman has spent a decade training and championing The Qualified Quiet™ -those that have done the work but don’t know how to promote it. It’s a misnomer that your work will speak for itself, and through her tried and true Brag Better™ training and work, and new book on self-promotion and its power, Brag Better™: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion, out May 19, 2020 with Penguin Randomhouse, explains why we don’t brag and why we are missing out if we don’t.

Women & Bragging: The Invisible Tightrope of Visibility

In this talk, Fineman goes into one of her specialties, around women and a lack of feeling comfortable with self-promotion. From history of women in public, dealing with perception and scrutiny, Fineman is a winner in women-centric audiences. By using Brag Better™ tactics, women can too learn to tout their work and get the recognition, money, and time they deserve.

The Future of Fashion Is Nothing New™

Fineman is a thought leader in sustainable fashion, by way of the world of secondhand, which will be a 23-billion-dollar industry by 2022. Fineman breaks down where fashion is headed, but why one of the keys is in clothing that has been worn by someone else. She is the creator and host of the popular podcast It Never Gets Old: A First-Hand Account of All Things Secondhand (and Sustainable).

Creating a Culture of Healthy Pride at Work (Whether Or Not You're in-Person)

Brag Better author and leadership trainer of the Brag Better Bootcamp Meredith Fineman knows that the word "brag" might be a bad one. But in her ten years of building a framework for strategic self-promotion, she argues that it's necessary for companies to create, foster, and endorse a culture of healthy pride and a diversity of voices at the office (even if that office is virtual). In her session, she runs through the importance of encouraging employees to speak about their accomplishments, highlights those of their colleagues, and elevates the voices of those that need to be heard for a more inclusive work future. She runs through roadblocks that the Qualified Quiet - those that have done the work but don't know how to tout it - run into at work and how to make sure that leadership listens to and promotes the work that matters.

Bragging as a Woman in STEM

We all know of the inequalities of being a woman in STEM. Brag Better author and leadership trainer Meredith Fineman breaks down how to advocate for your voice, find allyship among other women in your organization, feel heard, and do it all without burning out. In her talk, she highlights tactics that The Qualified Quiet, those that have done the work but don't know how to tout it, can authentically share their voices when it feels like nobody is listening. She also breaks down the ins and outs. of a"soft skill" like strategic self-promotion to play ball in a difficult world. Plus, how to care for yourself and your work when you feel like you're not being heard.