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Amelia Rose Earhart

Amelia Rose Earhart

Inspiring Around-The-World Pilot & TV Personality


In 1937, Amelia Mary Earhart attempted to fly around the globe. Unfortunately, she disappeared over the South Pacific Ocean, never to be seen again. In 2014, Amelia Rose Earhart recreated her around-the-world flight to symbolically complete the journey of the inspirational American hero she was named after. The world watched as Amelia flew a single-engine aircraft 28,000 miles around the globe, successfully closing her flight plan, despite the technical, physical and emotional challenges of this great feat. Read More >

Amelia’s story isn’t all smooth sailing, in fact, it’s filled with turbulence that would have sent most pilots back to the hanger, as months before she was set to launch on her journey with over $2 Million raised, twenty-eight corporate sponsors, and a $4.5 Million aircraft she’d drilled a hole through the side of to hold a 200-gallon fuel tank, the whole trip nearly came to a crash landing on national television, even before it began.

Amelia did complete her flight, turbulence and all and today, she speaks to teams all over the world about how to learn to love the turbulence.

Capital One, Lockheed Martin, Walmart and United Healthcare are just a few of the organizations who’ve given rave reviews on Amelia’s enthusiastic and pointed message. From the art of navigating the holding pattern, to developing vision beyond sight, to what it takes to build a high functioning flight crew, her aviation analogies ring true, resonating with audiences in a meaningful way.

As a commercial pilot and international keynote speaker with a TV broadcast career of twelve years, Amelia is as comfortable on stage as she is in the cockpit, reminding us all that the only airplane that never experiences turbulence is the one that stays locked up in a hangar— but that’s not what planes, or you and I were built for. We were built to take flight. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

Learning to Love the Turbulence

Setting Course for Leaders

Navigate Your Holding Pattern

Simi Valley Youth Summit: Keynote Speaker Amelia Rose Earhart

Planning for Obstacles

Leaders Need a Solid Flight Plan

Speech Topics

Learning to Love the Turbulence: Creating a Flight Plan to Clear any Goal for Take-Off

When we set our minds toward any big goal, we imagine creating our plan and executing it to completion. We tell ourselves that if we work hard enough, we will soar from Point A to Point B gracefully, leaving others to wonder how we ever pulled it off. We begin our journey and everything seems fine. The wind is at our backs and the view is spectacular. Suddenly, there’s a terrifying jolt. We’ve been thrown off course by something we never saw coming: turbulence. Suddenly, our well thought out plan is thrown out the window. We are now in crisis mode. THIS was NOT supposed to happen. Which way is up? Who is on our team? Is there ANY safe place to land? Read More >

In this keynote, Amelia Rose Earhart helps the attendees, from take-off to landing, reach their destination. Using the strategies she used to fly around the world, Amelia’s content is both inspiring and thought provoking.

Amelia shares the same fundamentals needed for business success: Read Less ^

  • Overcome the self doubt
  • Be clear on the destination
  • Create a successful flight plan
  • Trust your flight crew
  • Execute on the fly
  • Believe in Journey
  • Embrace the turbulence

Virtual Program: The Holding Pattern

“Sit tight, stay calm, we’ll let you know as soon as we learn more. Once again, we thank you for flying the friendly skies…” We’re all stuck in a personal and professional holding patterns as we navigate through the difficult challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our businesses are basically grounded, our families are forced to attend school from home. It all sounds more like the latest Netflix binge than real life. Unfortunately, this is our current reality and we’ve got to figure out how to fly this plane. As an around the world pilot, Amelia has faced challenges that have grounded her flights, closed borders and rocked her wings so hard she thought they’d snap right off. Read More >

As a speaker, she has led Fortune 500 leaders toward their personal goals by discussing the importance of learning to love the turbulence. During this bumpy time, Amelia provides virtual discussions and workshops as webinars and/or pre-produced videos, specifically tailored to help you and your team stay in flight during this holding pattern we are clearly going to be in for quite a while. This discussion between your team will include actionable ways your team can reduce “fuel burn” by prioritizing tasks, create a work from home a routine and checklist to maintain straight and level “flight”, and most importantly, discussing several ways to quiet the mental games our “what if” minds use to distract us away from productivity and success." Read Less ^