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Azure  Antoinette

Azure Antoinette

CEO, Commissioned Poet & Author, Millennial Advocate


A commissioned poet, actress, TED Speaker, GRAMMY™ Considered recording artist, entrepreneur, and DEI thought leader and corporate advisor. Named the "Maya Angelou of the millennial generation," in the highly acclaimed Forbes Most Powerful Women in the World Issue. Read More >

Since being discovered in 2010 by Oprah Winfrey on the World Stage of the Minerva Conference hosted by former first Lady Maria Shriver, Azure has Written for and shared a stage with bestselling author of Eat Pray Love Elizabeth Gilbert and opened for Lady Gaga. Current spokesperson for Janssen Pharmaceuticals and the MoretoMS Campaign, Azure Antoinette is a 13-year survivor of Multiple Sclerosis and has a strong passion for patient advocacy and living well with MS. Amongst her many commitments she has previously served as ambassador and/or spokesperson for Clean & Clear, The GAP, and Beats by Dr. Dre, among others, and commissioned to write for the Girl Scouts of America, Johnson & Johnson, California Arts Council, American Cancer Society's benefit Art 4 Life, The Documentary Group, and many more.

Azure Antoinette made her acting debut this past April as the first character to portray her disease on screen and represent the LGBT+ community on the critically acclaimed hit series Grey’s Anatomy in its 17th season as Irene Hayes! Off screen, you can find Azure planning storytelling strategy with her team at her parent firm TELLER Ventures Ltd. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Humanity's Changing Face: Coping with the Human Condition Gone Viral

When was the last time you sent someone a note that you hand wrote, addressed, and mailed? How about the last time you personally received a letter from a close friend? These days, everything is electronic. There is no problem with the efficiency of electronic communication, which has made life simpler, faster, and more efficient. However, there is an underlying question: Has the human condition gone viral? This keynote is a conversation topic and a moment to remind ourselves about the basics, like holding hands or remembering to embrace face-to-face communication. Azure Antoinette opens and ends this 45-minute session with her acclaimed poem "Humanity."

Commissioned Poems

Azure Antoinette will present a five- to seven-minute poem to open or close (or both) your conference. She takes a word, a thought, a picture, an emotion, and client feedback to customize a poem that she then presents in spoken word. It's a powerful, unique way to kick off or wrap up the event – with a poem your audience will never forget.

Pursuing Your Passion: The Importance of Doing What You Love

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