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Benjamin  Raymond Sr.

Benjamin Raymond Sr.

Founder & CEO of Raymond Insurance, Author & Child Advocate

Benjamin Raymond Sr.

Founder & CEO of Raymond Insurance, Author & Child Advocate


Benjamin Raymond has refined the art of recreating a life filled with purpose and success in spite of one’s past circumstances. As a former captain of a basketball team from University of Minnesota, Benjamin learned from the early days, the importance of hard work, leadership and resilience. Whether he is in his role as a business owner, a philanthropist, or a motivational speaker, Ben is determined to help people and organizations bridge the gap in order to reach the next level in business, relationship and life.

Benjamin is the founder and CEO of the award winning company, Raymond Insurance. Founded in 2008, his company has gone on to break records held such as the amount of sales application & life policy sold in one month. His company is recognized as top 1% in insurance with Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Additionally, he has earned numerous awards including, Multiyear Ambassador Traveler for State Farm, Chairman’s Circle Agent, President’s Club Life Insurance, SVP Club and Exotic Traveler.

Compelled to do more for his community, Benjamin has been proud to have worked with organizations such as NBA Basketball Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, Urban League, YMCA, The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, The Boys and Girls Club, amongst many other foundations. In 2008, Ben started an internship program via his State Farm Agency, providing over 35 high school students an academic credit along with hands on experience and tools on how to succeed in the business world. 

With a desire to do more, Raymond established his own nonprofit in 2010, Be the Ray Foundation, which has sought to encourage educational enrichment and provide outreach specifically targeting boys growing up without fathers in the household.  

In addition to his list of community services, Benjamin serves as the CEO and chairman of Raymond Enterprises; a company dedicated to providing crucial services to ethnically diverse and underserved urban communities through strategic alliances, consulting, and investments.

Benjamin Raymond has gone on to author the top selling book, Playing the Game Without a Coach, detailing his personal life journey. Through his story, we see a life filled with courage, resilience, and ultimately, forgiveness. 

In spite of the various obstacles Benjamin Raymond was born to, he determined early on that he will not be held back from pursuing greatness. He has been featured on all Major National tv outlets, ranging from Steve Harvey Show and Dr. Phil to CNN and the Breakfast Club whereby he discusses his story of resilience and determination. Proving to be a man of many talents, you can also spot Raymond starring on a lead role for a national commercial with State Farm. 

His ability to overcome daunting odds and pursue a life of service and greatness has richly encouraged others to do the same. When Benjamin is not traveling across the country inspiring others towards greatness, you will find him at his home spending time with his family.

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Controlling Destiny

Playing the Game Without a Coach

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Speech Topics

At Risk in the Foster Care System

Benjamin Raymond has captivated an audience of every race, age, and class by sharing his tremendous journey of overcoming hardships and turning it into success. Defying all odds, Benjamin demonstrates that while we cannot change the circumstance we are born into, with dedication, resilience, and hope, we can control our destiny. Born to a mother who suffered from bipolar and schizophrenic and a father who was incarcerated shortly after, Ben recognized that a chance for a better future was slight. Bouncing from foster home to foster home, he sought for a purpose; an identity that could speak into his future. Finding solace in basketball, Ben ultimately recognized that he doesn’t have to let his past dictate his future. He recognized that the first step to a better future was understanding the art of forgiveness. This resolve was tested when Ben found his father 20 years later. Instead of laying blame and victimizing himself, Benjamin chose to turn his hurt into help; assisting his father however way he could. On the outside, he fell within the margins of “another statistic”, yet, through sheer dedication and resolve in his heart led him to build a successful company in the top 1% with Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Benjamin’s story reminds the audience that anything is possible. He is now devoted to mentoring, steering educational enrichment and providing outreach specifically targeting boys growing up without fathers in the household. This remarkable speaker demonstrates that through hardships lies an opportunity to experience a renewed hope for a better future.

Entrepreneurship: A Focused Mindset on Business & Finance

Benjamin Raymond was not born into a life of privilege or prosperity, yet, he has been able to foster growth and productivity for the ventures he has been involved in. If you are combatting complacency or stagnation in your company, then this is the talk for you. Through his expertise, Ben has successfully assisted in the creation and growth of multiple Fortune 500 companies. Furthermore, within his own company, Raymond Insurance, has gone from a startup to a recognized top 1% in insurance with Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). As a founder and CEO of an award-winning company, Ben has earned numerous awards including, Chairman’s Circle Agent, President’s Club Life Insurance and SVP Club to name a few.

In this exciting talk, Ben will share the three key components he implements in his daily business operation. First, great customer service skills must take precedence in ALL communication, in and out of the company. Second, a great business leader must be a student of the game. This entails, recognizing your competition and understanding your business better than anyone else. Lastly, a great leader must practice hiring based on attitude rather than skill. The simple fact is, while skill can be trained but an attitude tends to be static. This speaker will demonstrate, through his experiences, how his decisions, dedication and desire have made the difference in his destiny.

Overcoming the Negative Effects of Incarceration

According to the National Resources Center on Children & Families of the Incarcerated, parental incarceration is now recognized as an “adverse childhood experience” and distinctively notable due to the “unique combination of trauma, shame, and stigma”. Furthermore, studies show that parental incarceration increased the risk of children living in poverty. As a result of having a father and stepfather incarcerated, this unfortunate reality was thought to be the path to his future. However, in spite of a father serving multiple sentences and a mother battling drug addictions, Ben overcame the odds and dared to dream for a better future. He is a speaker well equipped to speak on the detrimental effects of incarceration in the household and the community. Furthermore, Ben Raymond has dedicated his life to empowering others who were faced with similar circumstances. He has now made it his mission to mentor kids who have had one or more parents incarcerated because, he recognizes the challenges better than anyone, of what it takes to get ahead. Drawing from his inspirational past, audiences will be motivated to look beyond current hardships and not only hope but work towards a better future.

Addiction, Abuse & Mental Illness

The formative years of a child development require an attentive mother who can foster trust and autonomy and identity. Unfortunately, this was not the case for Benjamin Raymond. While other students came home to a stable environment, Raymond came home to a mother battling drug a crack addiction and mental illness. To make matters worse, Benjamin had to witness his stepfather physically abuse his mother. At an early age, Ben recognized that the conditions at home were not suitable for a healthy life. While he was fortunate to escape the toxic environment, the speaker recognizes that there are many other children who are stuck; failed by the system. Very few are equipped to discuss the implications of abuse, addiction and mental illness in a household. As a result of his past, Raymond has since then gained expertise on drug addictions and how to overcome them. He has now taken on the responsibility of being a guardian to his mother. Ultimately, with forgiveness at hand, Ben has been able to overcome the negative effects of his earlier childhood. Where this speaker shines are his ability to empower authors to recognize that one’s past and circumstance does not have to control their future. This speaker possesses the ability to sympathize those hailing from similar circumstances yet encourage and empower to overcome these same hurdles and instead use the hardships to propel them towards a better future.

Growing Up with Diversity

An effective company not only seeks to diversify their leadership but more significantly, take the time to glean from the multitude of perspectives reflected within the employee body. Born to a black father and white mother, Benjamin Raymond has been fortunate to experience life from various angles. Moreover, migrating through four different foster homes, Raymond became exposed to different narratives, and from early on recognized the importance of not judging people based on physical characteristics but rather the content they offer. By engaging in this discourse, Raymond will demonstrate to the audience the importance of reaching across the aisle. When employees of all backgrounds recognize that their input is valued, then productivity is bound to increase. This keynote speaker will offer insight on how to facilitate a diverse environment in the workplace. He has been uniquely placed in situations in which he learned to empathize with others. Raymond firmly believes that companies need to learn about their employees. When employees feel valued, they begin to care about their job performance. Furthermore, they need to put in practice making their employees understand that they are more than just a number or a quota. As a CEO, Benjamin understands the value of digging deep within, believing that it is often in this search that other companies will find their finest attributes. Staying true to his cause, Raymond has had the pleasure championing several initiatives within his own company as well take on the task of assisting multiple companies towards diversity. In his talks, Benjamin, steadfastly, urges companies to unlock the gifts within their teams and discover their inner talents. But more importantly, to resist judging a book by its cover, but rather to dig deeper. His initiative doesn’t just end there. In fact, the speaker believes that teaching kids how to embrace diversity will foster a greater awareness and preparedness for their future.

Foundation Built on Education

As a student going from foster home to foster home, from early on, Ben recognized that in order to guarantee a secure future, education was the answer. With his new found love of basketball, Ben channeled his energy towards perfecting his game and academics, ultimately landing him a full scholarship to the University of Minnesota. Graduating as a top scholar and a recognized alumnus, Raymond is able to motivate every student to persevere in spite of current circumstances. Those who have a chance to listen will be welcomed to insights, skills, and tools on how to maximize their performance in school while minimizing the cost, financial or otherwise, of education.

Growing & Managing a Successful Company

Benjamin Raymond has the honor of running an award-winning company, Raymond Insurance. Founded in 2008, his company has gone on to break records held such as the amount of sales application & life policy sold in one month. As the owner and leader of a top 1% insurance company, Benjamin knows how to foster growth within a corporation. Additionally, he has earned numerous awards including, Multiyear Ambassador Traveler for State Farm, Chairman’s Circle Agent and SVP Club to name a few. His talents and accolades are undeniable which is why he is equipped to assist other companies in growing their business. Benjamin has successfully assisted 3 Fortune 500 companies reach the top by focusing on how to hire, train and guiding the CEO’s, management team and all pertinent staff to reach peak performance. He is prepared to discuss the importance of financial literacy within the company. Benjamin will redefine financial success by demonstrating the importance of overcoming a bad year and maintaining consistency within the organization.

Leading Your Employees

Benjamin Raymond firmly believes that in order for an organization to experience change within, then a cohesive culture must be present from top to bottom. Positive change must first take place in the mind of employers and employees. Benjamin is prepared to demonstrate how to boost company’s morale. He firmly believes that in order for a company to succeed, then everyone must be on the same page. Benjamin will communicate with managers how to motivate their staff and implement hard work ethic in order to attain top performance. In his speech, managers will learn how to get employees and customers more engaged. Benjamin Raymond emphasizes the importance of transition work culture from managing to leading the staff. Benjamin’s speaking engagements not only focuses on motivating the staff but also the owners and management at all levels. Given his career path, Benjamin is able to relate and communicate all audience at levels in the organization which makes him highly qualified to lead the conversation in leading one’s staff.