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Lauren  Simmons

Lauren Simmons

The Youngest Trader, Only Female & Second African American Woman at the New York Stock Exchange


Graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in genetics and a minor in statistics, Simmons originally aspired to go into genetic counseling. She made a decision to put that on hold. What had not changed, however, was her passion to move to New York City, where networking led her to meet Richard Rosenblatt, the CEO of Rosenblatt Securities. Beyond her many qualifications, it was ultimately Simmons’ confidence that led Rosenblatt to take her under his wing as an Equity Trader. The job wasn’t completely hers; she still had to pass the series 19. This test has a pass rate of 20% in a class of 10. Lauren studied the book cover-to-cover for a month straight and successfully passed on her first try. Read More >

Lauren Simmons made history at 23 years old, becoming the youngest female on the floor and became the second-ever African American woman working as a trader at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 225 years. Since her story broke, Lauren Simmons has been featured in ABC, CNBC, CNN, and Fox to name a few. Lauren, "The Living Fearless Girl" Simmons has visited several countries sharing her story. Politico has named Lauren “The Women of Impact 2018.”

Lauren, the brand has been recognized by Hollywood, as AGC studio will be doing a film based on her life. Lauren is the executive producer on the project and Kiersey Clemons will portray her in the movie. Additionally, Lauren received endorsements from Invisalign, Ford Motor Company, Club Pilates and LinkedIn. Lauren is actively working on her first publication focused on women and millennials in finance. Read Less ^

Speech Topics


Lauren shares her story from zero to one where she incorporates having all odds against her. Through perseverance, the power of the mind, and being open to opportunities, she landed a role at the NYSE, in which made history. She shares her personal journey growing up in Georgia, having a disabled twin brother, and what her brother and mother instilled in her to get her to achieve her biggest dreams.

The Power of Being the OTHER in the Room: Diversity & Inclusion

This is Lauren’s experience of being on the trading floor as well as other work environments and using what makes you different as power to be great in your role. She discusses breaking the mindset of others, how all corporations should be open to diversity and inclusion, and the changes that were made after Lauren came to the trading floor.

Financial Wellness

Lauren wants to empower women, minorities, gen zer’s, and millennials surrounding the conversation of financial wellness. This is not limited to investing in the stock market, but other avenues to save, as well as how financial wellness relies heavily on the power of the mind.

The Power of Networking

Lauren offers audiences tools to network as well as how to be okay with being told “no.” She also gives tips on having your first job and furthering your career through the power of networking.