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Lauren  Simmons

Lauren Simmons

"The Wolfette of Wallstreet"


Affectionately known as the "Wolfette Of Wallstreet," at just 28, Lauren Simmons made history becoming the youngest trader on the NYSE floor, and second African-American female trader to work on the exchange in over 228 years. After earning her badge on the trading floor, Lauren has moved into the world of motivational speaker, author, producer and host. There is a great need for experts at the intersection of finance and entertainment, and she has done so effortlessly. She has inspired and empowered countless women, minorities, millennials and generation Zers regarding the  world of finance and financial wellness. Read More >

An advocate for the financial sector to take  steps to increase diversity and inclusion, Lauren has countless accolades to her bow, including being named ‘Woman of the Year’ by Harper’s Bazaar and recognized as a ‘Woman of Impact’  by Politico – despite being only 28 years old. 

As a broadcaster, Lauren inked two podcast deals with Spotify, Mind Body Wealth, which debuted at no.2 on the top Business Podcasts in the USA and Money Moves. Lauren is also partnered with Blackrock/ NBA helping young rookies as their financial coach. She empowers young investors to understand the importance of investing through her digital streaming series with Robinhood and Refinery29. And she graces the TV screen of GMA, CNBC, and Business Insider all around finance especially during this economic downturn. Furthermore, she sits on the board of various companies. She also has a movie coming out with AGC studios on her life story. And if that isn’t enough you will be able to pick up her book Mind, Body, Money published by HarperCollins Fall 2023. Read Less ^

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Lauren shares her story from zero to one where she incorporates having all odds against her. Through perseverance, the power of the mind, and being open to opportunities, she landed a role at the NYSE, in which made history. She shares her personal journey growing up in Georgia, having a disabled twin brother, and what her brother and mother instilled in her to get her to achieve her biggest dreams.

The Power of Being the OTHER in the Room: Diversity & Inclusion

This is Lauren’s experience of being on the trading floor as well as other work environments and using what makes you different as power to be great in your role. She discusses breaking the mindset of others, how all corporations should be open to diversity and inclusion, and the changes that were made after Lauren came to the trading floor.

Financial Wellness

Lauren wants to empower women, minorities, gen zer’s, and millennials surrounding the conversation of financial wellness. This is not limited to investing in the stock market, but other avenues to save, as well as how financial wellness relies heavily on the power of the mind.

The Power of Networking

Lauren offers audiences tools to network as well as how to be okay with being told “no.” She also gives tips on having your first job and furthering your career through the power of networking.