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Brett  Bruen

Brett Bruen

Former U.S. Diplomat & Director of Global Engagement at the White House


A twelve-year U.S. Diplomat turned entrepreneur, Brett Bruen comes with extensive and dynamic experience. After advocating for entrepreneurs in the White House, Bruen decided to acknowledge the passion he had for entrepreneurship and start up a business of his own. Bruen seeks to use his unique background in U.S. diplomacy to educate and prepare business leaders on how to take on this uncertain world. With unprecedented tactics and perspective, Brett Bruen provides revolutionary insight to business leaders everywhere. Read More >

As Director of Global Engagement at the White House, Bruen was responsible for public diplomacy programs, international media, crisis communications, and global entrepreneurship. He is now a leading expert on counter-crisis management theory, a term he coined during his time on the U.S. National Security Council. While at the White House, Brett coordinated the United States’ response to Russian propaganda, developing the first interagency communications taskforce to push back against their misinformation machine. When more than 200 school girls were kidnapped in Nigeria, Bruen created a new campaign called Let Girls Learn, featuring top celebrities. He also built the President’s Spark Global Entrepreneurship initiative that raised billions for emerging entrepreneurs around the world. Now as a leading entrepreneur, Brett Bruen shares his experience and message with audiences everywhere.

While Brett Bruen is an expert in strict fields, his overall message addresses universal issues. Bruen has spoken at numerous international conferences and top universities, including Harvard, UCLA, and Drake. He is regularly interviewed by major international media outlets on world events and is a Market Expert for Business.com. He speaks on the importance of an overall sense of preparedness for your own future and the future of the world. Bruen gives insight into the importance of cooperation, collaboration, and compromise. He emphasizes the efficiency of strategic communication and is a prime example of always following your passions. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

A Young Person's Guide to Changing the World

Going on a dangerous road trip across rebel territory in the search for peace. Battling insurgents with books on the streets of Tikrit. Briefing the President in the Situation Room.  Before 35, Brett not only saw the world, he made an impact on some of its most intractable issues.  Along the way, he picked up a few useful insights and ideas for millennials who want to make a real difference in the world. Bruen know the potential a young person has and he works to educate audiences of all ages and inspire the next generation.

Mr. President, I'm Off to be Entrepreneurial: From the White House to a Start Up

After twelve years as diplomat, last serving as Director of Global Engagement on the National Security Council, Brett decided he wanted to do something more creative. Having been advocating for entrepreneurs his entire career, Bruen decided it was time to act on this passion. He briefed President Obama on the government's new global entrepreneurship initiative and closed by saying, "Mr. President, I'm off to be entrepreneurial." Bruen discusses how taking the leap of faith to do something you believe in is worth the risk.

Reducing Business Risk: Counter-Crisis Strategies

With the new types of crisis surfacing in today’s world, there is a new type of crisis response. Counter-crisis management (CCM) theory was developed by Brett Bruen, while serving on the U.S. National Security Council. Facing two civil wars in Africa, a new conflict in Ukraine, and the emergence of ISIS, Bruen began to develop a new strategy for the U.S. Government to use when planning for global problems.  CCM enables companies and organizations to identify their vulnerabilities early and develop reputational countermeasures that can be immediately deployed in the event of an incident.  In an age of increasing uncertainty, these skills and strategies, Bruen explains, will prepare your business to take on the unexpected.

A Diplomat's Guide to Networking & Negotiating

Learn some of the most sophisticated tradecraft and tactics for building and managing relationships.  From finding and forging key relationships to assessing information and interests, Bruen shows audiences how to more effectively develop and draw on their contacts, through lessons he learned in the world of diplomacy.  Understand how to overcome differences.  Pick up pointers on persuasion.  Acquire the ability to analyze meaning behind the words and actions of individuals. Learn from Brett Bruen, the key qualities it takes to jumpstart a competitive, effective career.

What Americans Won't Tell You About America

Though the world is more connected than ever, many elements of the United States remain a mystery to most foreigners.  From the polarization of our politics to our insatiable desire to innovate, America can be hard to understand from the outside. Former US Diplomat and Director of Global Engagement at the White House, Brett Bruen, offers exceptional insight into the influences, interests, and ideas that drive the world's most powerful country. Bruen looks ahead, as well, to what likely comes next for the United States and the impact it will have on the global community.

How to Enhance US Global Leadership in the Age of Extremism

From the rise of ISIS to the resurgence of Russia, America and its allies face considerable challenges.  These new adversaries have tossed out the rulebook that maintained a sense of world order, even in the darkest moments of our history. Read More >

So how can the United States effectively respond to these threats?  Former US Diplomat and Director of Global Engagement at the White House, Brett Bruen talks about what's missing in the West's strategy.  Arguing that America is too driven by fear and focuses more on what it's against than what it stands for as a country, Bruen discusses the best options for moving forward into the next era. Read Less ^