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John  Sitilides

John Sitilides

Expert on Global Affairs & Politics


John Sitilides, a Washington D.C. government affairs specialist and diplomacy consultant to the U.S. Department of State, shares his insights into U.S. and global risk trends, international security flashpoints and geopolitical strategies before C-suite executives, high-stakes decision makers and opinion leaders at investor, corporate and government conferences and events. In customized briefings, he explores the complex geopolitical decisions that impact markets in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, helping clients better understand and mitigate risk. Read More >

Since 2006, Sitilides chairs the State Department’s Advanced Area Studies Program for Southeast Europe (under a U.S. government contract) at the Foreign Service Institute, the primary training institution for U.S. diplomats and other foreign policy professionals.

He was Board Chairman of the Woodrow Wilson Center Southeast Europe Project, directing policy, research & forecast analysis on U.S., NATO & EU geopolitical, commercial, and security interests throughout southeastern Europe, from 2005-2011.

As Principal at Trilogy Advisors LLC since 2005, Sitilides manages a government affairs portfolio specializing in regulatory reform. He has testified before Congress, and is a regular media commentator on national security and American politics on broadcast, print and digital media. He has been interviewed on CNN, Fox News, CNN International, One America News, China Global, Alhurra TV and BBC News, and cited in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, Bloomberg, Politico, National Public Radio and Institutional Investor.

Sitilides served as Executive Director of the Western Policy Center, an international relations institute researching and forecasting U.S., NATO & EU political, commercial and security issues in southeastern Europe. He directed the center’s strategic planning, policy analysis, political and corporate communications, and financial management until he negotiated its 2004 merger with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Sitilides serves on the Board of Directors of 3doo Inc., a VR360° technology company; Biovest, developing cancer immunotherapies; the Advanced Imaging Society, promoting the global film industry’s arts and technologies; and International Orthodox Christian Charities, a global humanitarian relief organization.

He is a member of the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals; the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, the Columbia University Club of Washington D.C., the Association of Former Senate Aides, the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, and the New York State Society of Washington D.C.

Sitilides holds a Master’s Degree in International and Public Affairs from Columbia University. He lives in McLean, VA with his wife, who is an attorney and businesswoman, and their four sons. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Power Geopolitics: Biden, China & the Disrupted World

John Sitilides explores and explains the new global economic era, along with new trade and security networks and partnerships in Asia and worldwide, driven by the strategic financial and industrial disengagement of the U.S. and China. The political, economic, and ideological “Cold War 2” launched by China against the global West will be engaged by a new U.S. administration led by the President’s top national security, foreign policy, and trade advisors, whose backgrounds and policies we would also assess and detail.

In addition to the strategic re-routing of global supply chains away from China, gain substantial insight into the future of global 5G technology and cybersecurity competition, as well as U.S. and Western strategies to contend with Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” and “China Standards 2035” agenda directly targeting the global leadership of the world’s industrialized economies, as Beijing seeks to achieve industrial independence and market dominance of breakthrough technologies such as semiconductors, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, telecommunications, genetics, biopharmaceuticals, information technology, machine-learning, electric and autonomous vehicles, and aerospace engineering.

This presentation also includes valuable intelligence insights into the continued internal stresses within a post-Brexit European Union under new German leadership; the Saudi-Russia oil price war against the global energy industry; the prospects for Middle East peace and a nuclear Iran; renewed North Korea belligerence against South Korea, Japan, and the U.S.; and the potential transformation of many African economies into the world’s next factory floor. This clear-eyed virtual presentation includes international trade impacts and energy supply chain management involving shipping through critical chokepoints - delivered using a visually-compelling slide deck of maps, graphs, charts, and world leader portraits - richly informative and visually engaging for all audience members.

The Next World: Geopolitical Risk & Global Strategies After the Crisis

The new post-emergency global trade and security focus will concentrate on the continued structural industrial and financial disengagement of the U.S. and Chinese economies. That process will be significantly accelerated beginning in 2021, no matter which party controls the White House and the Congress. In addition to the strategic re-routing of global supply chains away from China to Latin America and Africa, and the federally-incentivized insourcing of critical U.S. national industries, substantial insight is provided into the future of global 5G technology and cybersecurity competition. John also discusses U.S. and Western strategies for addressing Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” agenda to achieve industrial independence and global market dominance of leading breakthrough technologies such as semiconductors, artificial intelligence, robotics, information technology and machine-learning. He includes valuable insights into the probable collapse of the European Union, the Saudi-Russia oil price war against the U.S. domestic energy industry, and the anticipated increased flow of FDI into rebounding U.S. and other leading G20 markets.

Worldview 2030: Geopolitical Risk & Global Strategies in the Decade Ahead

A deep examination of the strategic disengagement of the U.S. and Chinese economies, especially the increasing shift of global supply chains out of China, as well as the escalated tensions between the U.S. and Iran that can suddenly disrupt equity markets and world energy supplies. This presentation includes up-to-the-minute geopolitical intelligence into the launch of “phase two” U.S.-China trade talks, with focus on global 5G technology competition; the widening scope of multiple Middle Eastern conflicts and energy rivalries; more nuclear weapon threats from North Korea against Japan, South Korea and North America; European post-Brexit strategies for Germany’s slowing economy, Russian political disruption, and African mass migration; the emergence of India on the Asian and global industrial stage; social and political turmoil throughout Latin America; and the potential transformation of many African economies into the world’s next factory floor. This speech can be customized to incorporate powerful insights into how these multiple global developments impact - and will be impacted by - the U.S. presidential campaigns through the end of the year- including updated insights into Electoral College strategies, more detailed understanding of accurate election forecasting, and potential outcomes for international relations beginning 2021 with President Trump’s re-election or a Democratic victory.

Wobbling the Colossus: The European Union in Crisis

A critical assessment of the viability of the EU as a trading partner and global power, as well as the Euro as a viable global currency, amid multiple security, economic and internal social crises.

The Geopolitics of American Energy Policy

Assessing Presidential and Congressional policies with far-reaching economic and supply chain impacts on U.S. and global energy production, maritime security, and potential conflict zones and regions.