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Caroline  Casey

Caroline Casey

Founder of Kanchi & The Ability Awards


An advisor, mentor, board member and international speaker, Dr. Caroline Casey has a real ability to connect with people. Legally blind since birth, her inspiring personal story of coming to terms with her own hidden disability, and turning that perceived “weakness” into professional and personal success is relatable, funny, humbling and deeply meaningful. She is in her own words, “a dangerous dreamer,” and someone who “has learned the art of never giving up and failing fabulously.” Despite being the recipient of many awards and accolades, Casey believes that true success only comes to those who never give up, and always endeavor to truly be themselves, something even she is still working on. Read More >

Dr. Caroline Casey, award winner and serial social entrepreneur, is both an adventurer and business woman. Subject of the National Geographic Documentary Elephant Vision, Ashoka Fellow, Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, TED speaker and unwavering campaigner, Caroline’s passion and ambition for leading a life without limits and labels is truly inspiring. Since taking a life changing decision at 28 to leave her successful career as a management consultant and travel across India on an elephant, Caroline has been committed to building a global movement on inclusive business to build an equal society for the 1 billion people in the world with a disability. Collaborating with some of the world’s leading organizations and CEOs Caroline has identified what she often refers to as “The New Green” – the new business imperative for success – Inclusive Business.

A leading inspirational speaker, she can speak to audiences on any of the following subjects: business, culture, entrepreneurship, social innovation, diversity/inclusive business, health & well-being, innovation & creativity, leadership, inspiration, marketing, and social responsibility. Her style has been described as being full of honesty, energy, and passion – with unique experience as a social entrepreneur, business woman, adventurer, creative visionary, game changer, campaigner, collaborator, risk taker, and an expert on authentic leadership. Read Less ^

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TEDTalk: Looking Past Limits

I Believe In You, Because You Believe It's Possible

Speech Topics

Disability: The New Green

When the Green Movement began, businesses didn't take it seriously. Gradually, however, they realized that recycling and reducing waste could save them money and that, in a crowded market, embracing the Green agenda could give them a competitive edge. As more and more businesses got on board, a tipping point was reached: it was no longer a case of "if" you were addressing the issue, but "how" you were addressing it.

Today, disability is the new Green. Businesses are starting to realize that they need to proactively look at disability and how they include people with disabilities as customers and as employees. Globally there are 1 billion people with disabilities. That's one in seven people - a market the size of China. Employers must realize that in order to ensure they have the best person fulfilling each role in their business, they must recruit in a way that doesn't discriminate against people with disabilities. They simply can't afford to lose talented employees who have existing or acquired disabilities.

In this inspirational keynote geared toward HR groups, speaker Caroline Casey shares her experience with disability and explains why corporations need to get on board this new movement.

Looking Past Limits: It’s How You See It!

Often we cannot change our circumstances but we can change our response or our approach. What others see as obstacles, limits and barriers can, if looked at differently can be untapped opportunities or indeed an advantage – it is just how we frame the situation. An attitude based on positive thinking can make the most insurmountable of things achievable. If we are open and willing to look at things from a different perspective we can uncover potent and powerful ways not only to cope but to succeed in the most unexpected ways.

The Adversity Advantage: Failure as Your Greatest Opportunity

It is often said by many – it is not how a person behaves in times of success that defines a person but how they bounce back or cope with failure and struggle. In every failed business, relationship and situation there are extraordinary lesson to be learnt. Failing well is the key to success and give us a rare insight in to our hidden potential professionally and personally.  Building confident and innovative teams requires us to be able to handle risk, loss, failure and disappointment in a way that we can learn from mistakes in a positive way and not be obsessed with what was not achieved. Managing adversity well builds resilience, tenacity and more importantly opens us up to sides of ourselves we never knew existed. It is by coming through adversity with an open mind we can discover our greatest power.

The Business Case for Disability: Inclusive Business

Traditionally people with disabilities have been seen as a charity case – something to be pitied or sympathised with. This thinking has contributed to exclusion and marginalisation. Business can reverse this thinking.

There is a WIN for Business: The disability business case:  People with disabilities and their families are an untapped and significant part of the business eco system – as customers, suppliers, talent, and members of markets and communities. Their global market value is €9 trillion. By leading Inclusive Business, organisations can achieve a USP over their competitors like the early adopters of the Business Green Movement.


Authentic Leadership: The Power of You

“Be yourself because everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde Read More >

We spend so much of our time comparing ourselves to others or measuring ourselves against an arbitrary concept of success. It is only when we build on our own individual strengths honestly and with integrity that we are our most powerful. Read Less ^

Labels Are for Jam Jars

Why, so often, is being different so difficult? Why is it that so many of us hide our difference to be accepted? What is our preoccupation with perfection? How is it that we are obsessed with labels and stereotypes, limiting our ability to reach our potential? The only limits we really have are those we put on ourselves or those we allow others put on us. And the extraordinary truth is, that the greatest business success comes from people who think differently act differently do differently and lead differently making their difference an asset or bankable USP.