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Christen  Brandt

Christen Brandt

Co-Founder of She’s the First & Co-Author of Impact: A Step-by-Step Plan to Create the World You Want to Live In


Christen Brandt experienced an upbringing surrounded by women who built one another up as the men around them tore them down. This deeply shaped her perspective on the world. It’s what has made her an ardent advocate for girls’ rights and has allowed her to connect deeply with the girls and women she meets in her travels around the globe. She believes all girls deserve the right to be safe and loved. Read More >

In the past decade as She's the First Co-Founder and Chief Programs Officer, Christen has revolutionized outdated models of philanthropy by shifting power to the most vulnerable. She is skilled at breaking down complex issues with her sharp thinking and nimble action. She puts into words what others want to share and guides others on the journey from intent to impact.

When she isn't jet-setting on site visits, Christen teaches empowerment self-defense in Brooklyn, NY through the Center for Anti-Violence Education. In 2016, her Facebook post about catcalling went viral, kicking off a worldwide conversation on casual street harassment that reached media outlets from Brazil to Afghanistan.

Christen is an alum of Syracuse University, where she was a student during the conception of She’s the First and later graduated summa cum laude. Today she serves on the Newhouse 44 board. She has been recognized for her work by the United Nations, the Obama White House, TODAY, CSIS, Ellevate, Glamour, Gap, and more. Read Less ^

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