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Christy  Beam

Christy Beam

Author of the New York Times Bestseller, Miracles from Heaven


Best-selling author Christy Beam shares a message of hope, faith, and love told against her family’s amazing real-life experience of healing and the afterlife: Miracles from Heaven. Adapted to a major motion picture starring Jennifer Garner (as Christy) and Queen Latifa, Miracles tells the remarkable story of Christy’s daughter, Annabel. Annabel spent most of her young life in and out of hospitals due to a rare, painful, and incurable digestive disorder that prevented her from living a normal life. On a rare day outside playing with her sisters, Annabel climbed an old hollowed-out tree and fell 30 feet stories down into its center. She awoke from unconsciousness without a scratch, recounting a visit to heaven and no longer suffering the symptoms of her chronic condition. Test after test confirmed that Anabel was completely cured – confounding physicians, making skeptics consider the seemingly impossible, and igniting a passion in Christy to share this incredible miracle with the world. Read More >

An inspirational speaker and gifted storyteller, Christy is touching hearts and motivating a wide range of audiences. To faith-based groups, she tells a firsthand testament to heaven-sent healing. To patient advocacy groups, she shares the trials and triumphs of a family fighting for a child with a very rare medical condition and a journey to empowerment. To all, she brings a story so incredibly uplifting it quickly ascended the New York Times Bestseller list and became “Inspirational Movie of the Year.” Prepare to be amazed, exhilarated and inspired by Miracles from Heaven. Read Less ^

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Before the Miracle: A Story of Patient Advocacy

Daily Miracles

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Miracles from Heaven

A remarkable firsthand account of a miraculous healing that is inspiring Christian audiences across America. Christy Beam tells the remarkable true story of a young girl’s trials, a mother’s heartache, a family’s devastation and ultimate joy. Told from the standpoint of deep Christian faith, Christy shares Annabel’s experience in heaven. This testament to faith and family has been called “a balm for any soul longing to know the powerful reality of God’s love.”

Before the Miracle: A Story of Patient Advocacy

“Doctor, this is our little girl, we’re not giving up…” Before the miracle, there was the medicine — and a journey that went from hopelessness to patient empowerment. Christy Beam tells the story of her daughter Annabel’s struggle with an extremely rare and incurable condition that prevented her from living a normal life. Focused on her family’s fight for answers, their process of self-education and quest to find the very best treatment, Christy Beam takes audiences from Texas to the pinnacle of research and care at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Learn how she formed an invaluable alliance with one of the world’s leading experts in pediatric gastroenterology – and earned his respect in the process. This empowering presentation will help you build positive relationships within the healthcare system and become an informed, highly effective and respected patient advocate.