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Colleen  Passard

Colleen Passard

Conflict Resolution Specialist, Leadership & Communication Expert


Colleen Passard is a writer, motivational speaker and inspirational change agent. She coaches individuals, teams and organizations how to actuate their highest potential and create sustainable workplace cultures of high performance, optimal collaboration and functional thriving. Read More >

A Conflict Resolution Specialist with Pollack Peacebuilders, Colleen has over a decade of experience in Employment Dispute Mediation and currently serves on an EEO mediation panel for the Department of Homeland Security. A Well-being Coach for Berkley Inc., Colleen is an expert in communication and interpersonal and leadership effectiveness.  

Canadian born, a graduate of City University London, Colleen’s coaching is rooted in an ontological model that integrates Humanistic and Jungian psychology. Colleen had an experiential initiation into the field of conflict resolution when she filed a civil lawsuit against the Catholic Church in Canada and won a landmark settlement in mediation. Sourced by her own lived experience of trauma and the journey of coming into her fully-esteemed self, Colleen is a refreshingly authentic voice in the field of transformation, reconciliation and successful change.

With an interactive speaking brand that holds “the mulch and merry of being human,” Colleen is known for her contagious passion for the elemental creative power and possibility of being human. Colleen has conducted dozens of trainings and workshops in both the USA and Canada. She speaks on conflict resolution, effective communication, the skills and capacities of embodied emotional intelligence, peek leadership and team performance, the science of well-being, work/life balance and the alchemy of change. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Conflict Resolution & the Power of Being Response-able

Workplace-related litigation set a new record in 2020. We are in extraordinary times. Conflict, misunderstood communications and in-fighting abounds in our workplace environments.  The impact of which effects our mental health, work performance and morale. What’s really happening in conflict?  What is really happening when you clash with people, have disagreements, discord, push/pull dynamics that can then escalate? And what if in the sharp edge of the moment you were Response-able—you could capture and respond to the moment optimally? Drawing on over two decades of Coaching and Employment Dispute Mediation, Colleen Passard will decode the invisible neurobiological realms of conflict for audiences. She will share the skills and capacities that empower individuals, leaders and organizations to actuate successful conflict intervention, optimal communication and collaborative we-spaces. 

Speaking Human: The Power of Effective Communication

Your communication is manifested throughout your body, breath, voice, words, mind, heart, and spirit. What are you bringing to the act of your speaking—are you speaking human to human?   How a situation unfolds arises out of the language and communication that is used.    In our digital world in the absence of real-space-real-time communication, miscommunication and conflict in the workplace is at an all-time high. Colleen Passard will tailor this talk to the needs of her audience, drawing on her decades of coaching teams and leaders in effective communication and mediating workplace conflicts. She will focus on the science, behavior and being of communication and provide practical insights and tools that will actuate skillful effective communication that will strengthen relational dynamics and increase workplace productivity, collaboration and overall mental and emotional well-being.  

The Skills & Capacities of Embodied Emotional Intelligence

The data is clear, your IQ will get you in the door, but your EI (Emotional Intelligence) will enable you to win at life, succeed at work and lead with confidence. Why embodied EQ? How do you embody the four pillars of Emotional Intelligence? The research shows that leaders who embody empathy generate better results and productivity.  In this timely and insightful talk in the midst of a changing workplace environment, Colleen draws on her experience as a Conflict Resolution Specialist and Communication Expert, to share the science behind EI.  She walks audiences through the skills and capacities that actualize embodied EI and how it optimizes performance, productivity and sources workplace environments of shared dignity and belonging. 

Peak Leadership & Team Performance

Peak Performance requires psychological safety. This was the conclusion of Google’s Project Aristotle in search of the key to high performance teams. Simply put, in workplace environments where team members experience a felt sense of safety and are comfortable to be themselves without the fear of being punished for a mistake, they contribute the most, live into their highest potential and thrive forward. Leaders who seed the interactional team field with psychological safety bear the fruits of peak performance and companion their team’s greatness. Drawing on her experience as a career performance coach and organizational team builder, Colleen will deepen your understanding of psychological safety. She will focus on the neural scaffolding of safety and trust, how it works, and show you how to gain powerful access to the source of performance enabling leaders and teams to do their best work. 

The Science of Well-Being: Cultivating Balance

In the spiritual Walmart of America, Well-being is on every shelf. But, what does the science tell us about Well-being? Is it a one-size-fits-all? Or do we tailor-make it for ourselves? In her role as Well-being Coach for Berkley Inc. Colleen has dived deep into answering these questions and in her talk, she will discuss the latest research in the Science of Well-being and invite her audience into an exploration of Well-being as a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of balance, embodied safety, connection and self-compassion. 

Work/Life Balance: The Power & Practice of Functional Thriving

Did Covid reset the concept of work-life balance? Is it a binary relationship? As the Well-being Coach for Berkley Inc., Colleen will talk about redefining Work-Life Balance and the keys to successfully manage multiple roles especially as more of us work from home.  She will share with you the latest research on Work/Life balance, explore where and why you may be out of balance. And she will provide transformational practices that will actuate foundational physical, emotional, and inward balance that will dramatically improve your Work-Life Balance.  

Mastering the Alchemy of Change: Leadership Gold

Leading through change requires mastery. Successful change is not a mechanistic transition. It is organic, fluid and evolutionary.  Change is a catalyst; it actuates a phase of transition.  Transition begins with an ending and ends with a beginning. In-between endings and beginning leaders need to skillfully enable unified co-operation and team cohesion in an ongoing recalibration to the emergent new story.  Colleen first created Mastering the Alchemy of Change as a workshop while working with a team whose leader had been terminated. Since then, she has coached leaders, teams and organizations in the alchemical elements that are alive in the dynamics of change. In this talk, she will share with the audience the neuroscience of change and provide the action-steps and tools that will support leaders and managers to harness the power of change to thrive forward into a new story.