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Neha  Sangwan, M.D.

Neha Sangwan, M.D.

CEO & Physician Coach


An internal medicine physician who has discovered the prescription for inspiring transformation in leaders and teams across professions, Dr. Sangwan connects the dots between health and leadership performance. Her highly interactive keynotes provide practical tools that elevate self-awareness, build trust and clear communication across teams and empower organizations to excel under pressure. Read More >

She works with innovative companies such as Apple, Google and American Express and also partners with healthcare institutions and universities such as Kaiser Permanente, Harvard’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Stanford University, and University of Michigan. Dr. Sangwan has pioneered programs that measurably improve metrics related to culture transformation, employee engagement, productivity, provider-patient communication and client satisfaction. She has shared her learnings on multiple TEDx stages and also as the author of Talk Rx: Five Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health and Happiness. Dr. Sangwan’s common sense, yet transformative approaches have won praise from best-selling thought leaders ranging from Dr. Wayne Dyer to Mark Hyman, MD and have influenced the lives of audiences around the world.

Both a physician and engineer by training, Dr. Sangwan is CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, a leadership consulting firm. Through combining the science of medicine with the art of communication, she improves productivity and outcomes. Her innovative program, the i-Five Experience™ uses scientifically proven techniques to reduce stress, build resilience, and foster individual and team accountability. Neha began her teaching career as faculty for Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Physician Education and Development Team. There, she designed and delivered innovative workshops to integrate physicians and nurses into cohesive, productive teams within fast-paced and high-stress environments. This included transforming a 20-year entrenched operating room culture to one of clear communication, increased productivity and employee engagement. Dr. Sangwan then translated this program to corporate settings, working with clients in consulting, technology, higher education and finance.

After earning her BS in mechanical and biomedical engineering at Michigan State University, she worked as a manufacturing engineer at Motorola before attending medical school at State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo). She went on to complete her Internal Medicine residency at Temple University, where she practiced as a hospitalist and became a physician-partner at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California.  Dr. Sangwan discovered the connections between health and productivity as she explored the root causes of her hospitalized patient’s ailments. Dr. Sangwan is faculty for the Center for Mind Body Medicine and also nationally certified by the International Federation of Coaches (ICF).

Dr. Sangwan’s style is informative, experiential and inspiring. A gifted speaker, she uses storytelling from her experiences in both the corporate world  and on the front lines of patient care to spark breakthrough experiences for others. She teaches authentic communication so leaders and their teams better understand each other which results in innovation and synergistic collaboration. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

TEDx: The Communication Cure

TEDx: Changing and Letting Your Heart Speak

TEDx: The Community Cure

Speech Topics

How to Use the Disruptive Energy of a Pandemic to Make Your Business Thrive

As the institutions, norms and rules that once held the fabric of our society together dissolve, the businesses that will thrive now are the ones that adjust most quickly to our new reality. Read More >

One of the biggest predictors of success will be the quality of leadership in your organization.

  • Have you invested in building trust within and across your teams?
  • How comfortable are you and your teams at navigating strong emotions—in themselves and with others?
  • How quickly can your teams pivot and innovate to meet the needs of our ever-changing world?

Together, let’s identify your body’s earliest signals, the ways you might override them and how to navigate and express strong emotions to build trust and innovate quickly.  Join Neha Sangwan, MD to learn how to upgrade your and your team’s human software to not only meet the challenges of our complex world, but also to excel under pressure! Read Less ^

Talk Rx: Five Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health & Happiness

Whether it’s a managerial exchange with a team member, a conversation with a client, or a healthcare provider’s conversation with a patient—favorable outcomes depend on the quality of interactions between people. Drawing upon her book, Talk Rx, which Dr. Wayne Dwyer called “priceless information from a medical doctor who is the real deal,” Neha Sangwan, M.D. reveals practical, yet profound communication tools that will strengthen personal & professional relationships, elevate performance, reduce stress levels and save you time! Read More >

Dr. Sangwan tailors her content to audience interest:

For Corporate Audiences:

  • Leadership in Challenging Times
  • Elevating Individual & Team Performance
  • Building a Healthy Culture Amidst Rapid Change
  • Elevating Employee Engagement
  • How to Build Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Effectively Managing Stress To Excel Under Pressure
  • Self-Care for Leaders
  • Listening for Leaders
  • Mastering Challenging Personalities to Empower Productivity
  • Elevating Creativity & Collaboration in the Workplace

For Healthcare Audiences: Read Less ^

  • Healthcare Leadership in a Healing Organization
  • MD-RN Collaboration
  • The Digital Doctor
  • Reconnecting with Your Passion and Purpose in Medicine
  • How To Stay on Fire in Your Career—Without Burning Out
  • Empowering Compassionate Culture Change
  • Empowering Patient Accountability & Health
  • Mastering Challenging Personalities
  • Nurturing a Culture of Inclusion, Innovation & Collaboration

The Power Handbook for Women

Women are different from men—not just biologically. Read More >

The unique perspectives and capabilities of women—when they have the freedom to express their unique capabilities—are invaluable and empowering.  It’s about realizing the full potential a woman can add when given the flexibility and freedom to uniquely express her style of leadership.

We also have unique societal and workplace expectations. Feminine characteristics of leadership are those that build strong cultures based on shared purpose and creating the trust and collaboration that sparks innovation. They also create cultures of caring, connection and balance that are geared toward purposeful action in society—exactly what the next generation seeks. In this experiential talk, Neha Sangwan, MD provides the tools for women leaders to include self-care, overcome self-doubt, and develop self-trust in order to elevate performance and realize their full potential. Read Less ^

Self-Care in Healthcare (Because There is None!)

Have you ever noticed that when communication breaks down, your heart rate speeds up? If conflict goes on long enough—at home or at work—you’ll find yourself stressed out with increasing anxiety, digestive discomfort, headaches or sleepless nights. Read More >

As healers, we’ve been taught to identify physical symptoms, but we often don’t have the skills to cure the root causes of mental, emotional and social stress—in ourselves or in our patients. As a profession, this is evidenced by more than 50% of us reporting signs of burnout—impeding our mental acuity, the quality of our relationships and our performance.

Dr. Neha Sangwan has a different kind of prescription. By illuminating the ways that physical health intersects mental, emotional, social and spiritual health, she provides insights and practical tools that empower healthier communication, more collaborative workplaces, higher productivity and improved health outcomes. Read Less ^