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Daniel  Altman

Daniel Altman

Global Economist & Bestselling Author


Few economists evoke a sense of wonder and fascination with our global future like Daniel Altman. Hailed as one of the most perceptive long-term economic forecasters today, he skillfully examines power structures, cultural patterns, and complex data in order to illuminate the underlying trends that make our global economy tick. Read More >

Tracing phenomena that recur throughout history as well as deeply ingrained factors in economies around the world, he formulates vital forecasts that help explain today's global realities.

In the past decade of economic tumult, Altman was one of the first to warn of the systemic risks emerging in financial markets. He also described the risks of pushing interest rates close to zero years before anyone had heard of quantitative easing. He identified the shift in American taxes from capital to labor and the long-term consequences for the nation’s budgetary position. And a decade ago, he predicted that the euro area’s weak fiscal rules would lead to a bailout of Greece.

Altman is the internationally bestselling author of several books including Outrageous Fortunes: The Twelve Surprising Trends That Will Reshape the Global Economy and Connected: 24 Hours in the Global Community, a travelogue tracing the threads of our ever-changing economic fabric through more than a dozen cities around the world. He teaches economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business with a focus on long-term macroeconomic forecasting, having created the school’s “The Future of the Global Economy” course.

Altman’s globally consulted Foreign Policy report, the Baseline Profitability Index, provides a holistic ranking of markets for foreign investment based on factors including asset growth, preservation of value and repatriation of capital; the index is used by government investment authorities and fund managers around the world as a yardstick for international competitiveness. As an economic commentator, he previously wrote on the staffs of The Economist, The New York Times, and The International Herald Tribune, among other publications. 

An experienced data scientist, Altman devised a ten-year forward-looking simulation of crime and interventions during his stint as an economic advisor in the British government. More recently, he founded North Yard Analytics, a consulting firm specializing in sports data that serves as a vehicle for his evaluation and forecasting of performance by players and teams. He now works with some of the biggest soccer clubs in the world to improve recruitment, tactics, and financial planning.

Demand for Altman as a speaker has taken him to five continents – and one cruise ship. He makes complex concepts and deluges of data accessible to a wide variety of audiences, bringing cutting-edge economics to the professional as well as the novice. With his broad range of knowledge and expertise in the field of analytics, he shares insights on subjects ranging from the risks inherent in emerging economies, how factors such as elections and oil prices shape economic trends, and the role a booming China plays in the current global economy. Unafraid of rocking the boat, his indispensable forward-thinking presentations leave audiences with new perspectives on the economic trends that shape us today, tomorrow and years from now, providing a roadmap to future growth and success that helps us find new ways of thriving in the global marketplace.  Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

US Economic Outlook

Daniel Altman has been one of the most reliable forecasters of epochal changes in the American economy. His predictions for economic growth, the nation’s fiscal situation, and the evolution of the financial markets have consistently been on target. Today his presentations are an indispensable tool in cutting through the uncertainty and confusion surrounding the future of the economy. Read More >

With a point of view based on both data and logic, he examines the likely outcomes of the current economic cycle and also gauges the nation’s capacity to grow in the long term. From current trends to the fundamental forces driving the economy forward, he covers everything from policy frameworks and trading relationships to demographics and natural resources. He provides a clear roadmap for companies and individuals charting their own economic futures. Read Less ^

Customized Global Economic Briefing

The global economy has never been more integrated or more changeable. Seizing opportunities and avoiding risks requires an awareness of new developments from around the world. Daniel identifies the forces underlying the most important trends and offers forecasts for the future. Read More >

He gives in-depth analyses of the United States, Europe, and China, as well as growing regions around the world. Altman tailors his briefings for investors, executives, and other groups to ensure that he supplies the most relevant insights for each audience. Read Less ^

The Power of Analytics in 21st Century Business

There’s plenty of buzz about Big Data in business, but all that information is useless without the right analytics. Daniel’s skill in developing and explaining data analytics has made him an in-demand consultant, and he offers companies myriad ways to become more efficient and successful through the use of data. Read More >

He makes the numbers come alive in his dazzling presentations, showing how companies can protect themselves against volatility, identify new sources of demand, deploy human resources, and evaluate investment decisions. His message is an inclusive and accessible one, namely that even basic tools can offer a pathway to powerful results. He eschews technical language and instead uses real-world examples to show how companies can use data the right way. Read Less ^

What Are the True Returns in Emerging Markets?

Big economies like Brazil, China, and India attract plenty of attention from the markets, but investors don't always see the returns they expect. With the help of his Baseline Profitability Index, Daniel examines factors beyond headline growth numbers that affect the profits ultimately returned to investors’ pockets. Read More >

He also describes how combinations of less heralded markets can be a more sensible bet for exporters, multinationals, and portfolio investors. Looking forward, Altman identifies the countries and regions that show the most promising signs for growth in returns. Read Less ^

Is China Still the Next Big Thing?

According to today’s pundits, China may be on the verge of a new boom or a catastrophic crisis. Is either outcome truly likely? A sought-after expert on the economies of China and its neighbors, Daniel Altman has a unique perspective on the phenomenal growth of America’s biggest competitor. His analysis of the deep factors driving China’s rising incomes shows how much of the growth is real and how much is just froth. Read More >

In addition to assessing the current state of China’s industries and financial markets, he describes how China’s multiyear reform program could change the country’s economic prospects. Going a step further, Altman also demonstrates how changes in China’s fortunes will affect other economies in its region and around the world. Read Less ^