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Danny  Seo

Danny Seo

Editor in Chief of Naturally, Danny Seo & Host of the NBC TV show Naturally, Danny Seo

Danny Seo

Editor in Chief of Naturally, Danny Seo & Host of the NBC TV show Naturally, Danny Seo


From the award-winning magazine, Naturally, Danny Seo, to his daytime Emmy-winning weekly NBC TV show Naturally, Danny Seo, and bestselling products and books that bear his name, Danny Seo is who America turns to for modern and fresh ideas on healthy, eco-friendly living. Millions of people rely on Danny for clever ideas for home decorating, delicious eating, clever craft projects, simple solutions and so much more.

Born on Earth Day in 1977, Danny started his life’s work at the age of 12. On his 12th birthday, he started the environmental organization Earth 2000 with the mission to “save the planet by the year 2000.” (It was 1989 when he founded it). He grew it from a small school organization into a national movement with tens of thousands of teenagers championing on behalf of the planet.

After leaving high school, Danny wrote his first book for Random House called Generation React, which chronicled his life’s work as a teenage activist. His appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show led to his accidental calling as a lifestyle expert, as media outlets soon reported on his unique flair and talent to cook organic meals, decorate with found objects, and live resourcefully and beautifully. This attention to how Danny naturally cooked, decorated and lived drew the attention of celebrities like Kerry Washington and Brad Pitt and also media outlets like Elle that tapped Danny as a special guest editor.

Twenty years later, Danny’s creative blueprint has become Danny Seo Media Ventures, a multimedia and merchandising company that includes the magazine Naturally, Danny Seo (3.5 million readers); the weekly TV show Naturally, Danny Seo on NBC (1.6 million weekly viewers, #1 highest rated Saturday morning show in the country); over 15 lifestyle books including Naturally, Delicious (Random House) and the upcoming Do Just One Thing (Norton); a line of 1,000 home and lifestyle products bearing the “Danny Seo” name sold in over 4,000 stores; a syndicated column in hundreds of newspapers called Do Just One Thing; and regular appearances on NBC’s Today, The Drew Barrymore Show and The Kelly Clarkson Show as a regular contributor. Danny has also worked as a national spokesperson for brands like Bosch Home Appliances, Ford Motor Company, Garnier and Sprouts Farmers Market.

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Speech Topics

The Power Within

Bestselling author Deepak Chopra once commented that “Danny Seo’s life is an expression of what being in Dharma is all about. His extraordinary success at such a young age and the creativity and energy that pour out from him are testimony that he understands, at the level of his soul, who he is, what he wants and what his purpose in life is.” So, how does a high school drop out become one of America’s foremost lifestyle experts? His brutally honest story shows it’s not about money, connections, fame or luck…it’s all about knowing what you want and why you want it. This insightful, hilarious and refreshing presentation will reaffirm your belief that it is possible to live your best life.

MacGyver & Martha Stewart

In a world of cheap-chic-throwaway consumerism, there’s something refreshing about looking at something old and turning it into something new. One of Danny’s favorite things to do is called Upcycling, which celebrate the inherent nature of an object and elevates it into something brand new. In this presentation, Danny looks at his two childhood heros — the TV spy MacGyver and lifestyle icon Martha Stewart — and wonders what would happen if we took the craftiness of Martha and married it with the resourcefulness of MacGyver? You’ll see dozens of transformations come to life and Danny will even transform old things into new live on stage… with a chance to engage and interact directly with the audience. Let’s make something new together!

Green is Gorgeous

Often people say green living is trendy. But for Danny Seo, trendy are Ugg boots: “they are hot one moment and a fashion faux pas the next.” For Danny, America’s thirst for healthy, eco-friendly living is a result of a cultural shift. It’s tipped from niche to mainstream and people want to someone to organize the plethora of ideas and tips and organize them. Where is green living today and where is it going? And what are clever a-ha resources to help all of us not only save resources today, but save big bucks, too.