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Melissa Hartwig Urban

Melissa Hartwig Urban

Whole30 Co-Founder & CEO, 6x New York Times Bestselling Author


Melissa Hartwig Urban is the Whole30 co-founder and CEO, and a Certified Sports Nutritionist who specializes in helping people change their relationship with food and create life-long, healthy habits. After overcoming a five-year drug addiction in 2000, she adopted a growth mindset, dove into running and CrossFit, and began to study nutrition. The Whole30 was born in 2009 when she blogged about the life-changing results of her self-designed 30-day dietary experiment. Read More >

She is a six-time New York Times bestselling author (including the #1 best-seller The Whole30), and has been featured by Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and CNBC. She ranked #19 on Greatest Top 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness in 2018. Melissa has presented more than 150 health and nutrition seminars worldwide and is a prominent keynote speaker on social media and branding, health trends, and entrepreneurship.

Melissa hosts the popular new podcast, Do the Thing, available wherever you listen to podcasts. She enjoys yoga and the gym, hiking, solo traveling, reading books, and studying habit and change. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read Less ^

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