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David  Stillman

David Stillman

Internationally Acclaimed Generations Expert

David Stillman

Internationally Acclaimed Generations Expert


David Stillman is not new to the generational conversation. For almost twenty years he has been called on by business executives, politicians and the media to share his expertise on how best to bridge generational gaps. David has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and the TODAY Show as well as NPR and in Fast Company, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal.

His creative communications work has earned him numerous accolades including gold medals at the NY Film Festival, the much-coveted CLIO Award, and most recently was named as one of 200 People to Watch by the Business Journal as well as one of the Power50 in the state of MN.

In addition to being an internationally acclaimed speaker on the generations, David is also the co-author of two best-selling books including When Generations Collide and The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace.

David’s latest book Gen Z @ Work published by HarperCollins describes the 7 key traits of Gen Z. He has coauthored this book with his Gen Z son, Jonah.

Speaker Videos

TEDx: The M-Factor

Millennials Values & Work Styles

On The Generations

Speech Topics

The Generations in a New World

This is an uplifting conversation around what has changed and what has not for each generation. A combination of primary data, case studies, and first hand stories explain the traits that each generation can bring to the table as we repair our world. In addition, areas of concern with each generation are discussed, so that we can all be more aware of how to help each other. This presentation is customized, high energy, informative, and entertaining. Best of all, each keynote or workshop has tangible take home tips.

Make Way for Gen Z!

Believe it or not…there’s life after the Millennial generation.  A new generation is impacting our workplace and not enough leaders are paying attention! Are you ready for Gen Z? The leading edge of Gen Z is well into their 20s. They are not like the Millennials, which means your recruitment and retention strategies need to change.

In “Make Way for Gen Z”, you will learn:

  • What factors makes Generation Z unique.
  • What influences have shaped this dynamic generation.
  • What they expect from a career.
  • How you recruit them.
  • How you retain and manage Gen Z.

This dynamic keynote gives audiences fresh insights based on national studies of Gen Z’s workplace attitudes, interviews with hundreds of CEOs, cutting-edge case studies and insights from Gen Zers themselves.

Seven Key Traits of Generation Z

Based  on three national studies and the first global  study of Generation Z, you will get a  1520-minute introduction into both the events and conditions that shaped Gen Z and the seven key traits that define this generation: Realistic, Phigital, Drive, FOMO, Hyper Custom, DIY, and Weconomists. Afterwards, keep the generational dialogue going during an in-depth Q & A session, to ask burning questions on what YOU need to know about this new generation.

“Seven Key Traits of Generation Z” allows attendees to zero in on their exact needs, such as:

  • How does the phigital world impact Gen Z’s view of remote working?
  • Is FOMO a good thing or bad thing on the job? • How does hyper customization impact sales and marketing?
  • How do these weconomists define the shared economy?
  • How does DIY impact training and development?

Millennials Vs Generation Z

If only we could group our younger workforce and marketplace into one generation - life would be easier. In many ways, leaders have been operating that way. Many are not paying attention to Generation Z and are just assuming everyone under 30 is a Millennial. Gen Z is nothing like the Millennials.

“Millennials vs Generation Z”, will:

  • Unpack the key differences between Millennials and Gen Z.
  • Showcase how Boomers and Xers parenting styles had radically different results.
  • Explain Millennial’s collaborative nature vs Gen Z’s competitive drive at work.
  • Identify what leaders need to know to manage each unique generation.
  • Highlight areas the generations will click and clash.

Z Ultimate Consumer: Who is the Gen Z Customer?

Do they shop online? In-store? What does loyalty look like? These questions and more are addressed as the newest generation of customers pulls out their wallets. Gen Z has disposable income to spend, but only if marketers can connect with them.

More than their own disposable funds, Gen Z’s influence on family   spending is the highest it’s ever been. If brands want to find success in the future, then understanding the Gen Z customer is paramount.

Based on national studies, insights from focus groups, and working with some of the world’s top brands, find out what it takes    to connect with, sell to, and retain the Gen Z customer.

In “Z Ultimate Consumer: Who is the Gen Z Customer” you will learn:

  • How the Gen Z consumer is different from the other
  • How different social media platforms connect with different Gen Z
  • About the phigital landscape - where Gen Z sees no line between physical and digital.
  • The difference between a digital pioneer and digital native.
  • What brands are connecting best with the customer of the future.

What Happens When Generations Collide 2.0

You may think you know the generations, but the Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials are carving out new territory as they evolve. And here comes the latest twist — the arrival of Generation Z in the workplace and marketplace. Just when you think you’ve bridged all the gaps, it’s time to learn what happens when the generations still continue to collide.

In “Generations 2.0”, you will learn:

  • Where all the generations are in their careers today.
  • What each generation needs to be successful.
  • What it takes to connect with each generation of consumers.
  • What are the big generations issues on the horizon for leaders, managers, individuals, and marketers.

David can offer his generational insights in three distinct areas:       

  • Workplace: Recruiting, retaining, communicating with four generations
  • Marketplace: Customer service and sales for four generations
  • Giving: How to attract and retain four generations of donors and volunteers