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Justin J. Shaifer

Justin J. Shaifer

Linkedin Top Voice in Technology, Science TV Show Host & STEM Educator


“Step aside Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Justin J. Shaifer is the emerging STEM personality we need to hear.” –Forbes

Justin “Mr. Fascinate” Shaifer is an award-winning TV Host and Producer who is at the forefront of transforming science and tech education. Justin is a visionary leader in media, science and technology. He has produced and starred in creative concepts with major networks and companies like ABC, PBS Digital Studios, Chevy Bolt, NVIDIA, and more. Read More >

As the founder of Fascinate Media, Justin is revolutionizing the way students learn by creating immersive educational experiences and content using 3D VFX, Virtual Production, and Generative AI. His goal is to become the ESPN of STEM, inspiring young people to embrace their inner nerd and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, regardless of their surroundings.

Driven by his own life experience growing up in a single-parent home on the South Side of Chicago, Justin is dedicated to giving back to the community. He leverages his social media influence to create impactful STEM education projects, including the STEM Success Summit, a global conference attended by thousands of diverse STEM professionals.

Justin's active speaking career, which exploded after a popular TEDx talk about Generation Z, has earned him keynote opportunities for corporate stakeholders, students, and educators around the world. His keynotes, ranging from "Innovative Tech and The Future of Work" and “How to Win the War on Information with Science” to "How to Lead Gen Z," are lauded for their thought-provoking insights and fresh perspectives on Media, STEM, and innovation.

To date, Justin's work has reached millions of students, educators, and corporate stakeholders, and has been featured in Forbes, NBC News, Yahoo Finance, AfroTech, and more. He has been recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology, cementing his status as a leader who is reshaping the landscape of science and technology education with his innovative approach. Read Less ^

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Who is Mr. Fascinate

Science Host Reel

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TEDx: How to Speak “Generation Z”

Why STEM is COOL! (To Me)

Speech Topics

The Importance of Diversity in STEM

In the world of STEM, Justin Shaifer sometimes feels like an anomaly: He’s one of the few African-American men who has worked in these areas. That’s why he’s on a mission to make sure there are many more people of color joining these fields, too. In this inspiring talk, Shaifer shares his journey—from growing up on the south side of Chicago with little access to STEM programs to his achievements today. As the founder of the STEM Success Summit—a large-scale recruiting conference for diverse college students and young professionals—Shaifer provides insights on what it takes to overcome adversity and best practices for diverse groups to stay ahead of the curve. Read More >

Shaifer customizes his content for specific audiences, including: Read Less ^

  • K-12 Students: Learn about real-life experiences of modern STEM professionals and the prospects of STEM scholarship opportunities and careers.
  • Educators: Based on Shaifer's professional experience in multiple STEM disciplines and STEM youth development programs, this tech-savvy workshop walks educators through unique lesson plans to engage students in STEM.

Why STEM Is Dope

Boring lectures and uninspiring teachers often ruin students’ perceptions of STEM. Justin “Mr. Fascinate” Shaifer changes all that for students. In this keynote, Shaifer shares his own story of overcoming adversity—growing up on the south side of Chicago, where STEM was considered anything but cool—to the amazing heights he’s been able to reach in his career. Students will learn about real-life experiences of modern STEM professionals and the prospects of STEM scholarship opportunities and careers. It’s a refreshing perspective on STEM from an unconventional voice, who entertains, educates and inspires.

STEM Shark Tank

STEM Shark Tank is an interactive workshop where educators are grouped together to brainstorm and pitch innovative STEM solutions for pressing global issues. From battling pollution to addressing space debris, this collaborative workshop melds science, technology, and entrepreneurship, empowering teachers to guide students in thinking creatively and solving real-world challenges.

AI Empowerment: Overcoming Hesitation, Making Your Job Easier & Ushering Students Into the AI Age

Dive into the nuanced world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with award-winning STEM educator, producer and TV host Justin Shaifer. In this timely keynote, Shaifer demystifies the crucial role AI plays in today's educational landscape and beyond. This eye-opening journey illuminates the importance of AI literacy among educators, describing its role in shaping today's learning environments. Shaifer will introduce practical, easy-to-use AI tools, specifically designed to revolutionize teaching practices, help teachers and boost student engagement. Read More >

Shaifer will also demonstrate how to arm students with resilient, future-proof skills, essential for navigating an increasingly AI-oriented workforce. As a powerful call to action, this keynote is designed to equip educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to overcome their hesitation and harness the potential of AI, paving the way for personalized learning experiences and creating unique opportunities for their students.

Shaifer customizes his content for specific audiences, including:

Higher Education:

  • AI Literacy in Higher Education
  • AI 101 for Academics
  • Best AI Tools Used in College
  • Augmenting Higher Education Curriculum With AI
  • AI Skills Students Will Need for Today's Jobs
  • How to Embrace AI in Academia

K-12 Education: Read Less ^

  • AI Literacy in Modern Classrooms
  • Why Do Educators Need AI Today?
  • Best Classroom-friendly AI Tools
  • Successful Teaching Strategies for AI
  • Long-term Thinking: Building Future-Proof Skills for Students in the AI Age

The War on Information: How to Outsmart Your Opponents With Science Communication

With today's barrage of fake news, deep fakes and AI-generated Popes, how can we separate fact from fiction? This talk by award-winning Science TV Producer and Host Justin "Mr. Fascinate" Shaifer provides scientists with modern cutting-edge tools that exist in our arsenal to combat misinformation, as well as thought-provoking stories of successes and failures of science communicators throughout the years.

The Future of Technology

With his unique experience working in television and with industry leaders and leading-edge innovators, Justin Shaifer has been on the frontlines of the future—learning about pioneering technologies, like 3D printing, artificial intelligence, genomics, commercial space flight and some of the greatest disruptive innovations happening in Web 3.0 today, like NFTs, DAOs, Smart-Contracts and much more! In this captivating, forward-thinking talk, “Mr. Fascinate” helps prepare corporate, healthcare and non-profit stakeholders on the newest technological breakthroughs and how they can make the most of them, as well as who they need to hire and train to prepare for the future for their companies. He also shares why the metaverse and other decentralized technologies are primed for unprecedented inclusivity and how we can leverage these platforms to create the most equitable technology to date.

How to Lead Generation Z

In his popular TEDx talk, “How to Speak Generation Z,” Justin “Mr. Fascinate” Shaifer taught audiences how to effectively engage a generation who grew up with iPads and smartphones in their hands. His insights were based on his work as the co-founder of the STEM Success Summit, a large-scale recruiting conference for diverse students and young professionals. Now, Shaifer has taken his experiences a step further by creating a workshop for corporate stakeholders to learn how to hire, recruit, market and retain Gen Z workers—one of the most diverse generations in our history. In this talk, Shaifer shares some of these best practices, so that managers and business owners can understand how to lead the next generation as they enter the workforce.