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Diane  Macedo

Diane Macedo

Best-Selling Author of The Sleep Fix, ABC News Anchor & Correspondent


Diane Macedo is an Emmy Award–winning correspondent and anchor for ABC News, and author of the best-selling book The Sleep Fix: Practical, Proven, and Surprising Solutions for Insomnia, Snoring, Shift Work, and More. Read More >

As an early-morning and overnight reporter, and committed wife and mother, Macedo learned the value of sleep the hard way. Now she’s on a mission to help others so they don’t suffer the way she did. 

Macedo’s philosophy is that it's not enough to keep stressing WHY we need to sleep well. It's time we all learned HOW to sleep well -- and not how to sleep well in a lab, or in a perfect world, but rather how to sleep well in the real world, where we have to work around real obstacles like kids, inconvenient work schedules, stress, and sleep disorders. 

Macedo herself spent years struggling to sleep well. As her health deteriorated, she tried conventional advice and even sleeping pills. Nothing provided relief. But instead of losing hope, Macedo used her experience as a journalist to dig into research and consult with experts all across sleep science to identify real solutions, separate fact from fiction, create actionable fixes, and present it all in a way that’s easy to understand.

With roughly 30 percent of the population estimated to struggle with insomnia, many more estimated to struggle with other sleep disorders, and the pandemic creating a whole new wave of sleep obstacles, Macedo’s story and knowledge have never been more valuable. Not only is her information straightforward, it is embedded with humor and compassion. Her perspective as a busy, working mother also teaches and encourages audiences to fit these fixes into their everyday lives.

No stranger to the public eye, Macedo makes regular appearances on Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, Nightline, World News Now, America This Morning, and anchors several daily newscasts for ABC News Live. Macedo has received two Emmy awards for her work on Good Morning America.

Macedo is also a breaking news anchor for ABC News, leading network special reports including the April 2021 car attack at the Capitol, 2020 election coverage, the Las Vegas mass shooting, the Pulse Night Club shooting, Hurricane Irma, the 2016 Presidential election, and the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. 

For ABC News Live, Macedo regularly anchors long form breaking news coverage such as Hurricane Laura and Tiger Woods’ car crash. She’s also guided viewers through historic political events including the 2020 Presidential Election, the Supreme Court confirmations of Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh, and the second impeachment trial of President Trump; and provided gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Derek Chauvin Trial.

Macedo graduated from Boston College with a double major in communications and political science and can speak Portuguese and Spanish. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

The Sleep Fix

For years Diane Macedo saw her sleep and health deteriorate, trying standard sleep tip after standard sleep tip, only to find they made her worse. Finally, after developing a tolerance to sleeping pills, Macedo decided to attack the problem as a journalist, interviewing sleep experts from all over the world to get to the bottom of what really keeps us from sleeping—and the various ways to fix it. In this inspiring keynote, and her best-selling book The Sleep Fix, Macedo aims to help people address their sleep issues with perspective-shifting research and easy-to-implement solutions based not just on science and experts, but also her own struggle. Read More >

As Macedo explains, the solution to catching zzz’s often isn’t about giving up caffeine, or putting away your phone before bed. With her down-to-earth explanations and humor, this keynote instead teaches us how to: Read Less ^

  • Understand sleep biology
  • Identify sleep obstacles
  • Flag sleep myths and separate fact from fiction
  • Try counterintuitive approaches
  • Shift our mindset