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Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker

Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker

Thought Leader & Human Resource Expert

Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker

Thought Leader & Human Resource Expert


Lisa is a seasoned human capital strategist and an employee engagement expert with extensive global automotive manufacturing experience. She has a strategic perspective and knowledge of industrial manufacturing industries, multi-million dollar big-box retail, hospitality organization capital allocations and licensure/gaming management. Lisa is respected as a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic business and investment partners while establishing governance boundaries. She earns a seat at the table wherever she serves.

With over three decades of Fortune 500 Companies HR experience, Lisa previously served as Vice President International HR and Allied Businesses for Lowe’s Home Improvement Company, Inc. In this position, Lisa served as the HR lead for Lowe’s successful entry and growth of an Analytics and Technology Office in Bangalore, India. In addition, Lisa effectively led the HR due diligence for international and domestic mergers and acquisitions. Her responsibilities included developing short- and long-term strategies for all aspects of how the company engages talent for a competitive advantage throughout its Allied Businesses – Orchard, Alacrity, Iris and Porch.com as well as Mexico, Australia and Canada. In addition, Lisa effectively provided HR business consultation to Lowe’s Business Strategy Group, Business Development Group, and International Groups in China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. Prior to this role, in 2011, Lisa was appointed Vice President Employee Relations and HR Compliance for Lowe’s. In this assignment, Lisa provided strategic leadership, direction and guidance in the areas of employee relations, labor relations, HR processes, policies and HR compliance across 1,800 plus stores and distribution centers for more than 260,000 employees while leading a team of 65 HR professionals. She had P & L responsibilities for her unit. As a part of senior leadership, she interacted effectively with the board on labor relations matters across the enterprise.

From 2001-2010, Lisa served as part of the senior leadership at Chrysler, a $83B global automotive manufacturer. She served as Chief Diversity Officer and Head of Talent Acquisition and Leadership Development. Additional roles at Chrysler included Human Resources Executive for Advance Manufacturing Engineering, Supply Chain, and Stamping Operations. There she worked effectively with the board during the Obama Administration’s bail-out of the automotive industry including working with the private equity company Cerberus Capital Management and Fiat Chrysler’s executive leadership.

Prior to joining Chrysler in 2001, Lisa was Chief Human Resources Executive and Officer for the $12.9B MGM Grand’s Detroit property. Lisa spearheaded infrastructure development to establish world-class HR practices for a green-field start-up operation and the successful entry of the gaming industry in Detroit. Lisa effectively interacted with the activist investment community. She quickly and easily transitioned from the auto industry to the new gaming industry, led the labor negotiations for the first fully unionized casino in the United States. She was successful in overseeing all elements of HR, including compensation, benefits, labor relations, staffing and training 3,000 employees in four months. As a result, the $1.5M daily revenue casino opened ahead of schedule as the first of three casinos to be competitively positioned in the marketplace adjacent to Canada. As the Head of HR, she attended board meetings and presented regularly on HR strategy development, compensation, and long-term planning.

Lisa began her career at General Motors as an intern and received increasingly progressive leadership roles to become an executive for the $152B global automotive manufacturer. There she served as a production supervisor at the Chevrolet Foundry and excelled to become an executive working at the world headquarters reporting to the Chief HR Officer and interacting with the board as the lead for the Chairman’s Enterprise-Wide Employee Enthusiasm Strategy, The Plan to Win.

Lisa has presented to global audiences representing more than eighty countries on the subject of organizational behavior, change management, workplace morale, employee engagement, work life effectiveness, and diversity and inclusion in such countries as Spain, Switzerland, Korea, India, Canada, Mexico and Germany.

Lisa is currently a member of the Advisory Board for STOPIt, a $20M start-up emerging technology company, specializing in risk mitigation software. Formerly a member of the Lowe’s $21M Charitable & Educational Foundation Board and a member of the Stilman College Board of Trustees and Chair of the Audit Committee. Lisa also served on the White House Steering Committee on Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) during the George W. Bush Administration.

Lisa was voted “One of the most successful business women in Detroit" by the Detroit News, a recipient of the 2018 Charlotte Mecklenburg Times 50 Most Influential Women Award, a 2015 Black Enterprise Magazine Top Executives of Diversity Award, UPTOWN Professional Magazine’s 2012 Top Executives in America, 2011 Michigan Chronicle Women of Excellence Award, 2003 Career Communications National Women of Color in Technology Professional Achievement Award.

A native of Greenville, Mississippi, Lisa earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Labor Relations from Michigan State University, Master’s Degree in Management from Central Michigan University and Ph.D., Cum Laude, in Management from California Coast University. She attended the University of Michigan’s Executive Business School and the International Institute Advanced Executive Program for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is married and the mother of two sons. She loves to golf, write, and mentor girls.

Speaker Videos

Learning is Life - Dr. Lisa Wicker | Russell Sarder feat.Dr. Lisa Wicker | Series 315

Capacity by Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker

Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker Speaker Reel

Speech Topics

Now is the Time Focus

Focus: Capacity: Women Shattering the Limits- Now!

It’s time to stop asking yourself, why not me? What am I doing wrong? Will it take forever to create the career and life I truly want? Dr. Lisa Wicker masterfully provides answers in her presentation “Capacity: Women Shattering the Limits – Now!” She explores the barriers that are holding professional women back and provides the audience with a seven-step break-free framework which includes her CAPA© method. The framework is a simple strategy to help women who are ready to shatter their limits now, to increase capacity to achieve and design the life they desire. The steps are easy to apply and anchored by anecdote and her leadership experience and her personal career story. She shares why now is the time for women to take their seat at the table.

I’ve Got Your Back!

Focus: The Winning Spirit - Building Employee Enthusiasm in the Workplace

Do your employees face the day with delight, or despair? Are they excited about their careers, or resigned to them? Leadership makes the difference. Personal or business leadership is determined by key attributes, revealed in this highly engaging presentation by Dr. Lisa Wicker, a leader and trailblazer in the field of human resources for more than 30 years. In her talk, The Winning Spirit – Building Employee Enthusiasm in the Workplace,, Dr. Wicker shares how to put these attributes to work and explains:

  • Why having a Winning Spirit is important.
  • How to recapture the zest and vigor of your Winning Spirit.
  • How to use that spirit to inspire people to give their best AND MORE!

Mentors are Important, So Why Don’t We All Have Them?

As Chief Diversity Officer of one of America’s Fortune 50 companies, Dr. Lisa Wicker understands the importance of mentoring. Moreover, she believes that mentoring and sponsoring are key tools for retaining talent and advancing diversity. Research shows that mentorship and sponsorship programs enhance an organization’s ability to grow while fostering more inclusive teams. Mentorship is valuable and critical no matter your career choice. Every great leader at one point has someone they can trust, talk to, has “lived it,” and can provide guidance. Mentors are important, so why don’t we all have them? Is it the time it takes to develop the program or is it not a priority for talent development? If retaining talent and promoting diversity in the workforce is a goal for your organization, it’s important to help people of all identities and backgrounds feel supported, valued, and engaged through an intentional mentorship and sponsorship program. Dr. Wicker believes mentoring is an integral part of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) framework. In this presentation, learn how mentorship and sponsorship programs can help attract, retain, and advance your employees, particularly your people of color.

Level-Up: Success Is About How You Get There Too!

From the disparate impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, women’s participation in the labor force has dropped to its lowest level in over 3 decades, and many organizations are struggling to retain and regain the women that have been disproportionately leaving the workforce. It is imperative that DEI endeavors include an intersectional focus on women, allowing the fight for gender equality to become inclusive. In this highly engaging presentation, Dr. Wicker will address the challenges women face when at the crossroads of their career. What does it mean to be successful? For today’s high-achieving women, success is more than breaking barriers and achieving their professional goals. Success is about how they get there, too. Research shows that as high-achieving women approach their careers and their lives, they’re factoring in 5 key themes into their career decisions and leadership styles. Collectively, the themes reveal deeper, more complex images of successful women and offer insight for women who are navigating their leadership journey.

Dr. Lisa’s Rubies of Wisdom & Knowledge: Power Play Success Strategies for Work & Life

International Human Resources executive, leader, and best-selling author Dr. Lisa Wicker will inspire and motivate your audience through her well-earned rubies of wisdom and knowledge. “Dr. Lisa’s Rubies” are power play tools, strategies and lessons sharpened by Dr. Wicker’s own experiences climbing the global corporate ladder. Her keynote will focus on five basic principles from her book, Power Play: Discovering the Secrets to Sprit Winning Success. Dr. Wicker will offer practical insights and advice on why playing small doesn’t serve you or the world and the importance of personal power, stretching, mentorship and other leadership success strategies for business professionals.