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Dr. Romie  Mushtaq

Dr. Romie Mushtaq

Neurologist & Chief Wellness Officer for Evolution Hospitality


Dr. Romila “Romie” Mushtaq, M.D., ABIHM, is a neurologist, mindfulness teacher, sought out keynote speaker, and never-to-recover chocolate addict. She is the first Chief Wellness Officer for a corporation of 5,000+ employees in the United States (Evolution Hospitality), integrative medicine specialist, and mindfulness expert who has impacted over 1.1 million lives across the world through her keynotes and corporate workshops on mindfulness and brain health. Read More >

Dr. Romie entered neurology at a time when less than 5% of neurologists were women. After reaching the pinnacle of “success” while working 80-100hr weeks and achieving her career milestones, she developed a rare, nearly lethal health disorder. This experience sparked a shift towards mindfulness, meditation, and integrative medicine and led to her current path of shifting the minds of Fortune 500 leaders, organizations, and corporations through science-based meditation talks and workshops.

With nearly 20 years of expertise and her signature style, energy, and sass, Dr. Romie delivers dynamic corporate wellness keynotes and workshops, corporate leadership lectures, and business wellness consulting. She is an in-demand speaker with a popular TedX talk on “The Powerful Secret of Your Breath” and she is featured in NBC, Fox Business, Inc, CBS, Huffington Post, NPR, and dozens of other national media outlets. Dr. Romie has worked with Grammy-award winning musicians, top NBA/NFL/PGA athletes, and Fortune 500 company executives. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

What Stress Does to the Brain and Body

TEDx: The Powerful Secret of Your Breath

Mindful Leadership: The Power of Pause

Speech Topics

brainSHIFT: 3 Mindful Steps to Break the Stress-Success Cycle

Modern leaders and employees are stuck in the never-ending “stress – success cycle”. It’s that cycle where we work too hard, stress, obsess, and worry on our way to achieving goals – then once we achieve them, we just go right back into the cycle again. How often do you or your employees have: Difficulty focusing at work? Racing thoughts before bed? Feelings of stress or anxiety and end up with too many visits to the doctor with no real answers? It’s time to get to the core of the issue and break the Stress-Success Cycle. Read More >

Dr. Romie’s keynote blends medicine and wellness into her “3 Mindful Steps” and will truly shift your personal and professional lives. This keynote goes into the neuropsychology and mental health syndromes affecting cognitive performance and emotional control – then wraps it all up in easy-to-digest and practical takeaways. Your audience will get Dr. Romie’s science-backed program that everyone can go home with and implement right away for increased mental health and wellness. Let’s change the way your brain and your team functions to create a more successful, balanced, and healthy life

Takeaways: Read Less ^

  • Dr. Romie’s ‘3 Mindful Steps’ to create a truly sustainable work-life balance
  • Actionable take-home techniques for daily stress management
  • Science-driven mindfulness protocol to implement into your daily routines
  • Practical mindful techniques to implement in the corporate workspace

The Power of Pause: Mindful Leadership to Transform Teams & Cultures

It’s 2019 and leaders are searching for more mindful and effective ways to live and work. This doesn’t mean leaders are just looking for ‘peace of mind’ – it means they are also searching for a quantifiable increase in business, looking to attract and retain engaged employees, and create a workplace that attracts top talent. It’s common for businesses today to feel the drag of reduced productivity, employees calling out on too many sick days, and employees multitasking too much or working with tension and judgment. Let’s instead create leadership that empowers employees who feel competence and success. Read More >

The ‘Power of Pause’ is the solution to the workplace epidemic of stress, busy brains, and toxic leadership. In this keynote, Dr. Romie provides the tips and techniques to transform teams, cultures, and reinvent organizations by installing wellness from the top down. Dr. Romie’s ‘Power of Pause’ will help you create a win/win for your organization, gain responsibility and respect as a leader, and create an engaged and productive workspace.

Takeaways: Read Less ^

  • The psychology of increased employee engagement and productivity
  • The best ways to make your employees feel like they’re part of the team
  • Learn the science behind implementing mindfulness into organizations
  • Action steps to improve workplace happiness and performance
  • Learn how to increase employee happiness, gratitude, compassion, and how you can be in service to your team

The “Yellow Lunch Box” Moment: Owning Your Power as a Female Leader

Every female leader has “that moment” of challenge or resistance in their lives when you feel you are no longer welcomed at the table. It’s the moment you remember where you may have felt “not welcome,” or “less than,” or “like you didn’t belong”. But, that moment is more powerful and productive than you might realize. Join Dr. Romie as she shares the lessons from her “Yellow Lunch Box Moment” which she drew upon to take control of her life and revolutionize her business, impact, and work in the world. And most importantly, how you can do it too. Read More >

As the first Corporate Wellness Officer to a 5,000+ person business, as well as a having been a neurologist when less than 5% of neuroscientists were women, Dr. Romie will show you that everyone has this “Yellow Lunch Box Moment”. She will share how to find it, work with it, and own it. This interactive workshop supports the empowerment of professional women with the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness.

Today, a female leader must recognize her talent, wisdom, and skills all while standing with a core of compassion. We can read all the leadership and self-help manuals we want, but we need to get down to the core of recognizing psychologically what’s holding us back and use mindfulness cognitive therapy to reframe our narratives to take control and empower our lives.


  • Why the concept of “work-life” balance is a myth & here’s what to do instead
  • The data-backed brain science of feeling empowered in your personal life and as a leader
  • Find your own “Yellow Lunch Box Moment” to empower yourself and your employees
  • How men can be allies using mindfulness-based techniques in the workplace
  • The core practices of recognizing psychologically what’s holding us back and using mindfulness cognitive therapy to create an Aha moment!

**Bonus: debunking the thought that women are the worst bosses Read Less ^