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Emily  Dreyfuss

Emily Dreyfuss

Editorial Director of Protocol

Emily Dreyfuss

Editorial Director of Protocol


Emily Dreyfuss is a well-respected writer and the Senior Managing Editor of the Technology and Social Change team at Harvard Kennedy School's Shorenstein Center where she leads the Shorenstein Center News Leaders program combating misinformation. Co-author of the book Meme Wars, Dreyfuss has extensive experience reporting on the impact that technology has on society.

She was a senior writer and senior editor at WIRED Magazine for many years, during which time she focused on national affairs, cybersecurity, internet culture, and science. A founding editor of the tech news website Protocol, Dreyfuss has also written for publications such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian, and The Boston Globe. A dynamic speaker, Dreyfuss speaks to general and specific audiences, and has a knack for making complicated ideas accessible. Topics that she is an expert on: online radicalization, misinformation, the role of cultural narratives in politics, the tech industry, remote work, and parenting. Currently she is eager to speak on the topics relating to her book Meme Wars, which walks readers through a decade of online battles that quietly shaped American politics while very few people were looking.

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My Life as a Robot

Speech Topics

The Omnipresence of Technology

From discoveries in science, cybersecurity and the SIM card in your smart phone, technology impacts virtually every aspect of our lives. In this talk, Dreyfuss will challenge you to reach outside your own comfort zone to see how technology seeps into every part of life. She breaks down the ways that can help and hinder, and offers tips for managing and being aware of technology’s impact. She is a brilliant and compelling story-teller with a keen understanding of the omnipresence of technology and what that means for the future.

Robots in the Workplace: More than Just an Extension of You

The debate of whether robots can replace humans has been a concern for decades, but there is a fundamental shift when today’s robots have become less of a threat and more of an extension of us. Telepresence robots have advanced to the point that they can change work options. In this talk, Dreyfuss explains how robots allow us to be remotely involved, interacting with co-workers and the unexpected psychological attachment humans can develop with their robots. It’s a compelling, light-hearted discussion about having a robotic counterpart in the workplace and the ground rules to consider. Dreyfuss mixes personal experience with data to give meaningful advice.

How to be a Woman Journalist in a Man's World: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Balancing family and work life is challenging enough for every woman. As a Senior Writer for WIRED, Dreyfuss has broken the glass ceiling as both a female journalist and a woman who has her finger on the pulse of technology trends. In this talk, Dreyfuss discusses the realities of achieving a “Work-Life” balance, from gender roles, salaries, and balancing family while staying on top of the latest innovations in technology.

The Power in Lifting the Whole Team: How Companies Can Empower Their People

The success of any company can be traced back and attributed to its people. Sharing insights from your employees helps everyone. “If you are excited for those around you to succeed and you do everything in your power to make it so, it lifts the whole team up. That's my working philosophy,” Dreyfuss says. In this talk, Dreyfuss will inspire with her thoughtful and down to earth self. She will leave your audience with important wisdom for developing a mindset of lifting the ideas and insights of all staff members, and how that critical shift can make the team and company flourish.